Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 1887 ~ October 21, 2010

Hello and Happy October! This is my favorite month of the year and I'm enjoying the cooler weather, pumpkins, and a few changing leaves.

I have a special treasure to share today. When we visited Rhode Island this past summer, there was a break-in at my parent's house while we were out for the day. I had left my wedding band on the dresser and it was one of the many things stolen.

When I returned home I started my search for a special replacement. I wanted it to match my engagement and be old.

I found this simple 18K band on ebay and was especially excited about the initials engraved on the inside.

W.A.B. ~ M.E.D.

Along with the previous bride and groom's wedding date, which happens to be today, October 21, 1887. 123 years ago!

I wish I had more information about it, but that is what an imagination is for, right?

Thank you for taking a look at my new treasure and Happy Anniversary to W.A.B. and M.E.D!