Saturday, November 04, 2006

Homemade Apple Butter

Remember these? I decided to make Apple Butter with them. I got the apples quartered and cooked down until soft.

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Here is our handy dandy apple sauce contraption! The cooked apples go into the top funnel. Grace is pushing them down and Emily is turning the crank. The bowl on the left is where all the nasty peels and cores go.

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It is fun to watch all the good part of the apple come down the shoot!

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I had no idea I would get that much apple puree!! 5 quarts. 20 cups total!

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To the puree, I added sugar (lots!) cinnamon and cloves. Then I cooked it for a long time. I didn't pay attention to the directions when it said "make sure the puree isn't too watery." It cooked away for about 3 hours before it was thick enough! The house sure smelled good though!

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I got 12 half pint jars, 3 pint jars and there is enough in the fridge to make another 6 pints! I covered the tops with red and white polka dot fabric.

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Here they are, all ready for Christmas gifts. That is, if Phillip doesn't eat it all first. ;0)

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clarice said...

Yumm, Kelli were did you get your "apple sauce contraption" ? Clarice

Susie said...

What a wonderful homey smell while it was cooking.
Nothing like a homemade Christmas gift of something yummy!

Tina Leigh said...

Kelli if I didn't know any better I would say those came from the Cracker Barrel or something! They are so pretty!! You know you could make a pile of money selling those pretty jars of goodies! Wow, I'm jealous!

dot said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time. You sure did fix the jars pretty!

Amy said...

Mmmm...I can just smell those apples and spices! I love the way you decorated your little jars. They will be wonderful Christmas gifts :)

MariaJ said...

I'm sure the one who gets a jar of this yammy will be happy! Youve done a great work also with that polka fabric.

Carole Burant said...

To me there's nothing like the smell of apples cooking...mmmmmmm! I had heard of apple butter but had no idea how it was made!! It sure looks yummy and I love the way you decorated the little jars:-)

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful... I need to get myself in gear and get some made!
I love the smell while it is cooking!
Have a blessed week ahead!

Janice said...

How fun to go through the apple butter making process with you. :o)
Your jars are gorgeous!! What happy recipients there will be!

theups said...

YUMMMMMMYYY!!! I LOVE apple butter! You will be so thankful that you made so much (and so will your friends and family!!). Thank you for sharing this with us!

Mrs. U

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hmm sounds yummy and I like the decorated jar, beautiful!