Friday, February 09, 2007

Keepsake Envelope Folders

Hello everyone! The weekend is finally here! We found out Grace had strep throat on Wednesday, so after a couple of days on antibiotics she is feeling better. We have one more birthday to celebrate this month. Benjamin turns 6 this coming Monday. We are having Phillip's family over for fajitas on Sunday. Benjamin has requested a "Dirt Cake." Chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, whipped cream and gummy worms. Who wouldn't like that?! ;0)

We don't have any major plans for the weekend. The girls and Benjamin haven't made their Valentines yet so we'll work on those. I guess I could clean up the backyard. It's covered the plastic food and dishes!

I wanted to show you these Keepsake Envelope Folders I made last week. I heard about them from Charree, at Held In His Hands. Leave it up to Martha Stewart to come up with such a neat idea! :0)

Martha says..."Over the centuries, envelopes have contained many secrets and declarations of true love, so it’s appropriate to use a group of them to store dear old letters and treasured notes—or to fill them with trinkets for your valentine."

They are very easy to make!

First, fold the flaps back on all but one of the envelopes you want to join. With the unfolded flap on the bottom, stack the envelopes, open side up. Moisten folded flaps; affix each to the envelope behind it. Punch a hole through the bottom center of all the envelopes; insert keepsakes, and fold last flap over. Thread a ribbon through the hole, and tie.

I used 4 envelopes for each folder and decorated them with flower stickers and matching velvet and satin ribbon.

I added a few stickers to the back too.

I gave one to Grace for her birthday. I put a card, a mini notepad, and stickers inside.

I think they would make sweet gifts for Valentine's Day or any special occasion!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I would love to hear your plans!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful way to keep those special "treasures." You are right about it making a wonderful gift. Happy early birthday to Benjamin! Can I come for some Dirt Cake??!! YUMMY:)

Susie said...

Your dirt cake sounds perfect for a little boy's 6th birthday. Hope it's a wonderful celebration.
Those envelopes are a clever idea...
"very Martha" but so cute!!

smilnsigh said...

Ahhh... the strep throat. It seems to be making the rounds, with children. The Grands next door, have has it run through them too. :-(

Glad it's done with Grace though.


Carole Burant said...

Glad to hear that Grace is starting to feel much better!! I remember making that Dirt Cake for my boys when they were little:-) Those keepsake envelopes are just so wonderful, what a brilliant idea!!! Hugs xox

Rebecca said...

What a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

The Keepsake Envelopes are just too clever and cute! What a great idea!

BTW, Dani did pass on the note to me that Corin passed on to her that you mailed to Corin; ;-) and I want to thank you, Kelli, for such a lovely treat! You're the best!

Charree said...

I really like your envelopes. You did a fantastic job on them. They look wonderful.

Happy Birthday to Benjamin!

Charree said...

I hope Grace gets to feeling better!

Anita said...

Oh, your winter season is full of birthdays!

Those envelops look great, I should copy this idea one day (as soon as I have finished all my other project).

We will be heading to Hamburg this morning and spend the week-end with friends over there and go to a birthday party tonight!

Enjoy your week-end, too!

smilnsigh said...

As you said in my comments, gray days can 'get to us.' -sigh- I hope you find some 'beach music' to drift away into, too. :-)

But then, places like your Blog are my always-places-to-drift-away-into. :-)


Rebecca said...

Now that I think about it, these envelopes would make perfect little storage containers for paperdolls, their cloths and accessories!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous hand-crocheted tablecloth on the previous post!! And the gold doily heart that was tucked in my keepsake envelope(which I love, thank you) was adopted by Jacob who thinks its a little treasure! :)

TheNormalMiddle said...

What a really neat idea. And dirt cake sounds yummy! :)

Reviekat said...

What a fun project! We hope that Benjamin has a great birthday. The Dirt Cake sounds so very yummy. :)

Karen said...

I've not made dirt cake in years!
I love this idea of the folders. I was thinking maybe I could store some "older" photos that are too fragile to display, in one of these. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

The envelope look like a great idea and a fun project. Thanks for sharing!

Deb said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

homespun living said...

Thank you Kelli, I can't wait to give these envelope folders a try! Glad Grace is feeling better and best wishes to Benjamin. Debbie