Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Show and Tell Friday!"

Welcome to “Show and Tell Friday!” Do you have something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, or a treasured collection. Look around your home for something to share; dig through those boxes in your closet if you have to! Share photos and the story that goes with your special item.

Hello everyone! We arrived at my parent's house earlier this morning and have been having lots of fun. Since I'm on vacation I wasn't planning on participating today, but then I saw all of my mom's teapots and had to share them. :0)

My parents live in a 1925 Tudor style home and have this wonderful built-in cabinet in their dining room. My mom has her Bunnykin dishes on the top shelf and several teapots on the middle shelf.

Springtime tulips.

Marjolein Bastien is one of my favorite artists. There is a sweet scene of nuthatches at a feeder on this teapot.

Who doesn't love Peter Rabbit? :0)

A beautiful rooster teapot, along with a sugar bowl and creamer.

A teapot for two.

We have already had tea in this pretty pot twice today!

I think this rooster teapot is so fun!

And finally, this may be my favorite one. My mom found this lemon teapot at the resale store for $1.75!

Thank you for looking at my mom's teapots!

Show and Tell Guidelines

What is Show and Tell Friday?
Show and Tell involves showing something to an audience, and then telling them about it. Your show and tell must be something that you own, and is in your home or garden.

What items work well for Show and Tell Friday?
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
-Childhood keepsakes
-Family heirlooms
-A collection you may have
-A piece of jewelry
-A special gift
-A favorite treasure
-Gardening pictures

What doesn't work well for Show and Tell Friday?
-Posts with no photos have no "Show." Please don't use them.
-Photos of events (trips, vacations, celebrations, etc.)
-Photos of things you are selling or planning to sell.
-Photos found on the internet, graphics or screenshots. Please use photos you take yourself.

There is no place like home is the original home of Show and Tell Friday. Please do not host your own.

Please do not feel that you have to participate every Friday.

How can I participate?
Once you've got your photo(s) and your story, it's easy as 1-2-3!

1 - Publish your "Show and Tell" on your blog, including a link back to There is No place like Home. If you don’t know the link code, email me and I will send it to you.

2 - Copy the link (or "permalink") from your post.

3 - Add it to Mr. Linky, along with your first name. I usually put Mr. Linky up on Friday at 12:00am Eastern time.

That's it! After that, you can start visiting all the other Show and Tell participants!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what gorgeous teapots! Love them all. Enjoy your vacation...

Pen of Jen said...

I love the teapots.

Have a wonderful safe vacation!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Your Teapots are so beautiful! Have a great time away.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I love your mom's teapots! They are quite pretty . . . thanks for sharing them with the rest of us. Beautiful.

Rose of Sharon said...

What beautiful teapots! I hope you are having a great visit with your mother. I would love to see more of her 1925 Tudor home!

Blessings! Sharon

Ruth said...

Oh, I just love those teapots. What a great collection!!

Lori said...

I love each and everyone of your teapots.
Have a blessed weekend dear friend.

Quinne said...

Hi Kelli :) The teapots are wonderful! I have a few special ones myself, and I think they make the lovliest gifts. Love to you, Q

Carrie J said...

I love teapots. I wish I had room for more.

Susan said...

What a wonderful collection of teapots!!!

Unknown said...

My mom collects teapots as well! I may have to go over to her home and take photos to share one Friday! I love the Peter Rabbit one you showed here.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I love these teapots. So sweet and homey!

I hope your vacation is fun and refreshing.

Hootin Anni said...

I LOVE the teapot with the rooster best!! What a great show n tell.

Mine's shared, hope to see you drop by when you return....have a super duper time.

Anonymous said...

I love your teapots - especially your Beatrix Potter one. One of my spoons (see my show and tell) is also Beatrix Potter - it has the mouse tailor on it. Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Oh my your teapots are gorgeous. this is something I just love. I have a few collected but you have a good number on display.
Thanks for sharing.

Take care,

Irene said...

So glad you are *here*. Crockery and china are mon peche mignon!
The Bastien and the rooster teapot and creamer are lovely. Beautiful, delicate and skillful work.
Enjoy your vacation and your family.

Just Mom said...

I love, Love, LOVE those teapots.

nannykim said...

They are beautiful; can you actually use them all? I also wondered where they were made? Hope you have a nice vacation!

Rose of Sharon said...

Sorry that my name is on the list twice. Someone informed me that the first one listed has the inccorect web address for me.....weird. Anyway, that is why I am on the show and tell list twice.

Have a super day! Sharon

Mommy said...

I love the Peter Rabit Tea Pot. How sweet! :) Enjoy your visit with your mom.

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

Simply beautiful, Kelli! I love your mother's collection...they were the perfect thing to see this morning as I'm sitting here blogging and drinking my Earl Grey! Have a blessed weekend, gal!

... said...

how beautiful. i like teapots - they are so inidividual and i love the really unique ones.

thanks for sharing and enjoy your visit with your parents and your time away.

Cathy said...

What wonderful teapots! I can't even choose a favorite. I'm so glad you shared them. Please tell her thank you for letting us peek at her collection.

Cathy :)

Anonymous said...

I am participating for the first time.

I signed Mr. Linky and here is a link to my post in case Mr. Linky goes on vacation.

Show and Tell Granny's pins

Hannah said...

they are so cute!!!

Tammy said...

What an adorable collection of teapots your mom has, Kelli! I love them!

I'm late this morning joining in, but I did- just in time!

Short Stop said...

Oh, I just love teapots! I once saw an entire bookcase of them and thought that one day, I'd love to have a collection like that!

Thanks for sharing these. What a great collection your Mom has!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a nice collection of tea pots! I like all of them!


Kristy Jo said...

I love teapots! and you have a very sweet collection!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me. I just realized I didn't post a comment related to your tea pots. Those are very pretty. My mother has an extensive collection of tea pots. So much so that Dad asked her to finally stop buying them. lol

Anita said...

Kelli, that is such a wonderful collection! It's difficult to chose my favourite teaspot. Maybe the one with the tulips or rather that Peter Rabbit one!

Have a great vacation!

Hugs, Anita

Cathy said...

Kelli, I also love that artist - pretty and cute little teapots! There you go blogging on your vacation. I know you are enjoying yourself though.

Gena said...

What beautiful teapots! And, it sounds like you're already having a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't drink hot tea, but I think teapots are so cute. I love the Peter Rabbit and Marjolein Bastien ones especially.

Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

I love Bastien's art work. I didn't know she had tea pots! So pretty.

Thanks for hosting even while you are away.

Sonya said...

All her teapots are just lovely! I'm a teapot (wanna be) collector but I only have a few so far. I love the Peter Rabbit one the most!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this! What a blast! I'm enjoying getting to know you here. :) Paige (Quinne's sister)

Luna und Luzie said...

You have wonderful teapots !This is a great collection.
It is nice to see these different motives.

Lynne said...

What a pretty teapot collecton, and I love the built-in cabinet.

Have a wonderful vacation Kelli!

Laura Ashley said...

I entered the wrong thing the first time. It is right now.

Anonymous said...

Now I know where you get your eye for pretty bargains.

Trudi said...

Your teapots are very cute. Hey, my post was inspired by your Seasonal Delights. Can't wait until the Christmas one.

rohanknitter said...

Have a great trip.
Love those teapots!

Janice said...

A delightful collection with such a nice variety! I have a peter rabbit teapot too, but it's different! Thanks for sharing...and have a wonderful time with your family!

Trina said...

Would you email me the link for "Show and Tell Friday to put on my Blog. I would like to do this next Friday.


Lulu said...

how lovely..I love tea pots..I only have one that i got as a gift..Its brings a smile to my face when look at it...
Enjoy the visit..

Anonymous said...

Kelli I collect Marjolein Bastin tea pots!!! No kidding, I do!! I will have to share them soon along with the rest of my MB collection! :-) We have so much in common!


Cris said...

I love teapots, what a a wonderful collection your mom has! Enjoy your time there!

Reginas Cottage said...

All your teapots are just loveley.
I really like the Beatrice Potter