Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fabric Leaves and Acorns ~ Giving Thanks

Fabric Leaves
I first heard about these fabric fall leaves from my friend, Clarice. She sent me one last year and it was so pretty. The girls and I made quite a few this past October, along with acorns. I think they make wonderful Thanksgiving gifts for a friend, hostess gifts or decorations.


Fat quarters and fabric scraps are perfect for this project.

Clarice has the instructions for the leaves, please visit her to make some of your own!

For the acorns I enlarged a template in my word processor and printed them out.


Add a little fabric glue to attach the top to the acorn.

You could sew a small bead on the very top.

Or glue a bit of ribbon to the back. If I had thought of it earlier, I would have tucked it between the fabric, while making the acorns.



I also made a tag and and tied it around the leaf stems.

Fabric Leaves
Thank you for taking a look!


marie said...

I love your fabric leaves and acorns. Such a simple, yet elegant kind of touch!
Thanks for sharing them!

Wanita said...

Your fabric leaves and acorns are so pretty ~ a great idea for gifts or to add to a Thanksgiving table.


Wanita said...
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Brenda said...

Those are so neat. It looks like they could be made into a little swag as well.
Brenda :)

Christine said...

I love these...how adorable!

Tammy said...

Those are beautiful...and really, not so hard for even someone like me to try! :)

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous!

Sherrie said...

Those leaves and acorns are just so cute! Thanks for sharing! Take Care!!


Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Adorable...what a cute idea!

Linda C said...

These are so cute! They would make anyone at your table feel special.
Thanks again for hosting this- it's been so fun:)
Linda C

Anonymous said...

Clarice is full of wonderful ideas! Love your fabric choices and how you tied with a tag and pretty ribbon! Just beautiful and elegant (and simple)!


Arlene G said...

another great idea Kelli..love all your posts, I always learn something new.

Jules said...

That is really neat! thanks for sharing the.

Shelley said...

Kelli, you always have the best ideas . Wow...Martha Stewart is a slacker compared to you! I love coming to your blog. There's so many heartwarming things to see.

P. said...

Lovely things.


Trixi said...

You are so crafty it is amazing. these are so cute.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

How precious!

Linda said...

What a wonderful project...I love the acorns and leaves! Thank you for sharing and another neat idea...hugs,

Love Bears All Things said...

I love this. I'll go now to the link.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a fabby idea! I can see a possibility for placemats and bookmarks with that project too.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Julian said...

kelli, I absolutely adore thoes! Thanks for the instructions, that way we can make some too! You are so blessed with a creative touch!
Happy crafting!

Heather said...

very nice kelli!

GlorV1 said...

Do wonders ever cease to be? Very nice Kelli. I really appreciate all these helpful ideas you have, thx for sharing.

Michelle said...

How cute! Those also might be great for place setting names? :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Your fabric leaves and acorns are lovely. The fabric is gorgeous and just perfect for them.

Terri said...

They are so cute. I think I'm going to have to try these.

LBP said...

I love those! What a great craft.

Thanks for sharing.



Adrienne said...

Those are wonderful! What a special treat for anyone who receives them. Could I borrow your girls for a few days? I need help if I'm going to make them before Thanksgiving.

Karen Sherrill said...

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!! I have been enjoying and using your... and everyone else for that matter ;o)... ideas at my house.

Janet, said...

the acorns are so cute. I love them.

Lady Katherine said...

The fabric acorns are so great! I just love them and the leaves too.

Beverly said...

Thank you for sharing these with us. Beautiful work! I posted a link on my blog.