Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week in Review

Hello! I've been gone a week, but it feels longer. We've been so busy with a birthday, two snow days, a tea party, and Valentine's day. Emily started feeling sick Thursday evening and missed all the fun. After a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics she is finally feeling better. Here are a few scenes from this past week...
My handsome boy turned 9!

He requested a Dirt Cake (pudding and crushed oreos) and he decorated the top with cookies and gummy worms.

Lots of gummy worms!

His neighborhood friends came over to celebrate, eat hamburgers, and play in the snow.

On Saturday, Grace and I went to a Mother and Daughter Tea.



A Valentine breakfast.

Goody bags for our Faith Keeper's Paris themed Valentine party.

So, that is what we've been up to. I'm looking forward to a more healthy upcoming week!


Sherrie said...

I've been home with a sick boy for two days so I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I have had the flu the past 6 weeks. I am finally back to normal.

Love those goodie bags! Cake looks wonderful too!

I love tea parties!


Joolz said...

That is such a cool cake to make for boys - I bet it's real messy to eat too!

As always, lovely pictures. Thank you,

Cheers - Joolz

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that Benjamin is indeed one handsome boy.


Julian said...

looks like alot of fun! Hope you all are feeling better there! Thinking of you,

Nancy M. said...

Thank you for sharing . Those goodie
bags are so cute!
Glad everyone is on the mend..
take care
love, nancy

Luluuk said...

It's my nephew's birthday next week and he would love that cake - we can get Oreo's over here in the Uk - but what is the white layer please?
Lulu (UK)

Barbara H. said...

Happy Birthday to your son! A dirt cake and gummy worms are great for boys!

The tea looks like fun, and those goodie bags are cute.

Christa said...

Cute goody bags, what's in them, just be'in nosey? I love going to teas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli!

My 11 year old son loves "Dirt Cake" and I just made it for his recent birthday party too! Happy Birthday Benjamin!

God Bless,

Terri said...

Definitely a cool cake for a 9 year old boy!

Lara said...

That dirt cake looks great! I think I'll make that for River's next birthday. That tea place looks lovely! Always enjoy hearing from you Kelli!

Amy said...

Benjamin looks like such a nice little guy!

Aidan LOVES the worm cake. He said when he turns 3 he really really wants one!

Hope to see you all soon!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Kelli - the dirt cake looks disgusting delicious! A perfect cake for a 9 year old boy!! LOL

And, how sweet is the tea party?? I love the dainty-ness of girly tea parties. Scrumptious!


Arlene G said...

Kelli...I cannot believe how much your kiddies have grown in the time I have been reading your blog! I love how you make each occassion special for your family. They will have many sweet memories

Anonymous said...

this looks absolutely gorgeous, all those cups and egg holders. It is fabulous. I'm sure you had a wonderful time.
The goodie bags look great too, with the Eiffel tower on them. My daughter went to Paris with school last year. This year she's going to Venice. She is such a lucky girl !!!