Friday, November 07, 2014


Thank you for the warm welcome back and the encouraging notes in my last post.  
I thought I would share a few pictures that I have taken this past year...

My friend, Jenna and I hosted and Baby Shower Tea party this past February. 
We made chicken salad sandwiches, cucumber dill sandwiches, fruit salad, scones with jam and lemon curd and lemon bars. 

Tea favors for the guests.

We added a new furry friend to the family.  Natalie is technically Grace's dog, but I take care of her and spoil her way too much.  As you can see, she stole the Christmas elf, so she didn't get any presents last year!

Jenna and I went to lots of estate sales and I found things to add to my collections.
The ladies' pocket watch belonged to the little girl in the photograph.

A new vintage print for the living room (it doesn't look wrinkled in person).
The photograph is of my mom, a couple of her brothers and childhood friends.

I don't know why I love flower frogs so much, but I found all of these at the same estate sale.

My favorite thing to collect...old children's books.  

My favorite picture in my bedroom.

Finally, I discovered that Ebay is a great place to buy dried hydrangeas.  I got a huge box with an assortment of colors - blue, green, brown, and pink, for under $50.00.  I have them in almost every room of my house.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jackie said...

Kelli, you always find such interesting bits and bobs when you go to an estate sale.

Love the dried hydrangeas!!

God bless.

Tina Leigh said...

You have such a unique style and I love it! I've never heard of a baby shower like that and I love that idea too!

Are you able to read this comment? Lol! You know I have issues!

dot said...

So glad you are back! Maybe in time you can post some pictures of the kids. I miss seeing them. Sorry for all that has happened.

Sandra said...

Lovely finds Kelli. I also love how you've arranged them. I especially like the pocket watch and how wonderful to have the photo of the girl who owned it.

And what a sweet dog (which is why she's spoiled too). :)

Tori Leslie said...

Hey Kelli, I'm so glad to have found your blog again, don't know how I lost you before. :0) Ohh, and just in time for your return to blogging.
Love all your photos, you have such a great style. love it all!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I find your style simply and charming and just up my alley! So happy your back and you and your children will remain in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Love the pocket watch and it's history!