Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday, January 27, 2006

At the movie theatre
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We are having a wonderful day today. I have just completed week 4 of getting up before the kids and it feels great. It is a very big accomplishment for me. 7:30am is still late though so this coming week I'm going to move it back to 7:00am. My eventual goal is 6:30am so I can go for a walk.

We did some schoolwork this morning. We are reading Mr. Popper's penguins. It is about a man who loves the Antarctica so much that his friend ships him a pet penguin! As of chapter 5, Captain Cook as he is called, has made himself at home in the refrigerator and the sheriff is knocking at the front door. It is fun to see the Grace and Emily's eyes widen as the next crazy thing happens!

Our playgroup met this afternoon and we went to the dollar theatre to see the horse movie "Dreamer". It was way better than I expected. So heartwarming and exciting. Grace is a huge fan of horses and she can't wait until it comes on on DVD. Kurt Russell is in it. I think he is such a great actor. I have a picture of the kids waiting to go into the theatre as soon as I figure out the picture posting thing.

Tonight, I am going scrapbooking with 2 friends. We are getting a pizza from Costco and splitting it. Less than 3.50 for each of us. Can't beat that!! I haven't scrapbooked in 4 years!!! I knew it was bad but I was shocked while going through pictures last night just how far behind I am. My goal is simple pages, using up the supplies I already have. I had fun organizing all the stickers and papers last night. Grace is about to celebrate her 8th birthday and I'm going to scrapbooking her 4th birthday tonight!!

I'm off to put some laundry away and start a pot of potato soup.

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