Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday, March 10, 06

We are having a very nice Friday so far. We had a garage sale from 8:00-12:00pm. and made $50.00. If I can do the same tomorrow, I will be very happy.
Phillip took the afternoon off and treated us to lunch out to celebrate getting our income tax refund. We stopped by Home Depot to get some dirt to freshen up our front flowerbeds. Everyone is napping and I sure feel like one too, but if I don't go practice piano, I'm going to be in big trouble this coming Monday!!

Here is a picture of the top of my front porch. A few years ago I hung up some grapevine with white lights wrapped around it. It looks really pretty at night. Last spring a pair of mourning doves decided they liked it too and built a nest! They had two sets of twins and this week they are back. I believe the mom is sitting on her eggs. We'll know when they hatch because of all the bird poop on the front porch..LOL. Since the mama is a regular around here, we named her "Sweetie." Can you see her up in her nest?? Of course we leave the lights off at night now. We all know how much expecting moms need their rest!

Mourning Dove
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Flora said...

How cute! I really enjoyed this photo. She looks very content there. How nice of you to hang that up so she had a nesting place!
Keep us updated on the egg hatching when then time comes, ok?