Monday, March 13, 2006


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My friend Gwen, sent me this yellow rose hankerchief for my birthday. She remembered yellow is my favorite color. I like to keep it on my kitchen table. I found the green apple candle holder in my summer decorations and since I had to put the air conditioner on yesterday I thought I would get some summer items out. Now, we did have company over for lunch, otherwise I would have suffered through it. The high temperature was 87!

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We did some yardwork this weekend and I discovered my violets bloomed. They stayed green all winter and actually spread quite a bit.

I'm off to my piano lessons. I have practiced like crazy for 3 days and my fingers hurt! LOL


Patty said...

What a pretty hankie Gwen sent you. It sure did feel like summer this weekend but a bit chilly this morning.

Flora said...

What a pretty table setting. I love the hanky! My goodness it's hard to imagine the air conditioner having to be on already! Is that normal for this time of year there?
Hugs, Flora

Kelli said...

Hi Flora,
No, it isn't normal..but Texas has been having such a wierd winter. We are back to our regular March temperatures for now!


Reviekat said...

Beautiful hankie! I love the color. :) It looks very pretty with your teapot sitting on it.