Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Flowers

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I took some pictures of my blooming flowers this afternoon. The yellow columbine is my favorite. I also have a dark pink/light pink and dark blue/white variety that will hopefully blossom this summer.

I can't remember what the pink one is called. The leaves remind me of rosemary.

The rose is a climbing Joseph's coat. I planted it last summer and now it is about 6 feet tall!! The roses are all different...mixed shades of red, orange, yellow and pink.

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

Lastly, some spinach and lettuce I have been growing since early January. Maybe I'll have enough for a small dinner salad soon. ;0)

Originally uploaded by pwinn.


Patty said...

it sure looks like spring is here in texas !

Flora said...

What great photos! The flowers are beautiful. You are so far ahead of us where you live! I have Columbine too, but have never had a yellow one. I love clotheslines! I'm so glad you have one. There is nothing like the sweet smell of laundry hung out to dry in the fresh air. Cute little sunbonnet girl there too. :o)