Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gabriel Paul Godfrey

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Please continue to keep the Godfrey Family in your prayers.


Carole Burant said...

I've just been over to that blog and it was so hard for me to read...I lost a baby in 1979 to Potter's Syndrome. My heart really goes out to Susan and her family! Hugs!

Kelli said...

I'm so sorry Pea. (((HUGS))))

Crescent said...

Kelli, thank you for sharing this post. My heart aches yet trusts that the Lord is enveloping this family in love and grace.

Patty said...

what a sad thing for this family, i went to their blog and their new little web page for the baby and I cried plenty of tears.
What joy it will be in heaven for families to meet again.

Amanda said...

Oh no, that's so sad. We'll keep them in our prayers. I can't imagine what that must be like. :(

Debra said...

I know I am late to this post, but I lost a daughter to Potter's Syndrome in June 2007. I tried to follow the link but it appears their website is no longer available.