Thursday, January 25, 2007

Friday, January 25, 07

Hello everyone, it's Friday! I hope you all had a good week. Mine was busy and seemed to fly by.

Have you heard about the new Beatrix Potter movie? Unfortunately, it isn't playing at a theatre near me, but I checked out some books about her life and artwork at the library this past weekend.

The story of Peter Rabbit was actually a letter to her former governess' young daughter. She wrote many letters to children and they have been compiled in this wonderful book, "Letters to Children from Beatrix Potter" Collected and introduced by Judy Taylor

I have also been enjoying "Beatrix Potter's Art" by Anne Stevenson Hobbs. It is full of her wonderful paintings...

She was very fond of drawing and painting mushrooms. Friends would even mail her different varieties to paint!

She loved animals (of course!) and had many pets. A mouse, a hedgehog, a pig, and rabbits, just to name a few. Did you know that Peter and Benjamin Rabbit were based on her real life pet rabbits?!

We also watched a documentary on her life yesterday and afterwards, got out our watercolor pencils and did a little drawing and painting ourselves.

I drew an American Goldfinch and a nest of eggs. Spring will eventually arrive!

Emily painted a duck and even wrote a poem to go along with it...

Little fishes deep in the sea,
don't swim too fast,
you can't catch me.

Grace painted some Autumn trees, a rabbit and a pretty blue butterfly.

Benjamin painted a nice summer day complete with a little boy flying a kite.

Tonight, we are having some friends over for "movie night." This afternoon I'm hoping to work on my UFO's. I haven't made much progress yet! The girls also want to have tea.

I'll talk to you all soon!


Susan P. said...

Kelli, you are an artist! The picture you drew looked like a professional had done it, I'm not kidding. Your talents are endless!! Miss Bonnie and I have been anxiously awaiting to see Miss Potter and are so sad because it is not playing anywhere in our area:(

Creative Life Studio said...

Love all of your art that you posted. That book seems fantastic; I'm going to have to check it out. Have fun with your movie night tonight!

smilnsigh said...

On the new Beatrix Potter movie, I believe Mrs. Staggs was enthralled by it. And make me want to see it, myself.


Rebecca said...

Is there anything, Kelli, that you CAN'T do?

Your American goldfinch is absolutely exquisite!!! And it looks as though you are raising up some young artists as well.

Lovely. Just lovely.

What is this Beatrix Potter movie. Is it a documentary, a childs film, what? We don't get TV so we don't see reviews or anything so I am quite out of the loop!

Anonymous said...

Hello. You stopped in to encourage me. Thank you! My oldest enjoyed looking at the pictures your children drew. We do a nature notebook where she draws pictures of things she finds interesting in God's creation and then we get to do a bit of reading on the subject. I see you are in Texas, homeschool and have three little ones -- ME TOO! ;0) Email me off-site, maybe we are neighbors. Thank you again for your words of encouragement in the ANTI-PROCRASTINATION CHALLENGE. Have a wonderful day.

Mrs. Klause

Julieann said...

Kelii--You can draw!!! You need to frame that picture. Also, thank you for the lesson on Mrs. Potter--I really didn't know too much about her.


Susie said...

I am so impressed by your drawing of the Goldfinch. Such talent. Beatrix Potter is one of my all time favorites and, no, I didn't know that the bunnies were her real life pets!
Your children seem to have inherited some of your artistic talent as well!

Deb said...

I am looking forward to the Beatrix Potter movie as well - hasn't been released here yet. Your goldfinch picture is amazing - what talent! ...and your children's pictures are so sweet.

Carole Burant said...

Dear Kelli...I've just recently heard about the Potter movie and I definitely want to see it but will wait until it's available on DVD. What wonderful drawings you all are so artistic, Kelli, and your children take after you:-) Enjoy your movie night!! Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I agree with the others~ you should frame the Goldfinch. The BP books you found look so wonderful. I love beautiful books, don't you? They are even more fun to read.
I haven't seen the BP movie either, but I've seen mention of it on several blogs. We only see about 1 movie a year,but that one sounds like it might be worth looking for.
~Kimberly on another computer

PS I love that your girls want to have tea with you. Pumpkin's not quite there yet. ;) He's busy playing with his toes here on the floor in front of me. Guess I'll have to do a little tea time for one today. I'll think of you though!

TJ said...

now I'm interested in seeing that movie...and what a lovely bout of creativity it produced just in the study of her life!!

Paula said...

Lovely pictures by your daughter! Enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

It is showing near our house, 20 miles/30 minutes away! I'll drive us down there some Saturday if you don't feel comfortable with the drive. It's not *quite* downtown Dallas, and it's less than a block off the freeway. :-)

Charree said...

I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter myself. I remember my mom reading me her stories when I was little. Very happy memories.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Is there anything you can't do???!! LOL We are huge Beatrix Potter fans too, and I hope I'll get to see the movie! One of our favorite read-alouds has been "Nothing is Impossible" by Dorothy Aldis...a book about Beatrix.
Thanks for sharing all your family's masterpieces!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa said...

Lovely pictures! Waiting on the movie here too! ;o)

theups said...

What talent!!! You and Mrs. Susan P. are both so very talented!!

I want to see Miss Potter, too, and am hoping that it will come this way or come out to rent very soon!!! LOL!!!

What exactly do y'all do for "movie night"? Pop popcorn? Make snacks? Or do y'all have a meal beforehand??

Mrs. U