Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My November Gardens

This area under my tree was supposed to be a rock garden, but it never looked right.

This afternoon, I moved all of the rocks around the outer edge, filled it in with fresh dirt, and planted pansies.

I got my watergarden ready for the cooler weather.


I also deep cleaned my back patio. A new tablecloth, pansies in the planters and freshly vacuumed carpet.

A little corner of my patio, decorated for Thanksgiving.


Anita said...

Wow Kelli, well done! The rocks under your tree look far better now! I am still looking for similiar stones to put unter our tree (where it still looks quite ugly). And I am pleased to see that you got some fresh pansies! You may remember that they are some of my favourite flowers!

I still have some work to finish in the garden but I don't know when to do it. It's already dark when I get home from work and according to the weather forecaste, we will get some more rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - oh no!

Hugs, Anita

Mommy said...

It all looks so welcoming, and cozy.:) Great after pictures!

Anonymous said...

You look ready! Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa E. said...

We recently re-did the landscaping in front of our house. We had used a rock edging but the new plan required a lot more of them!
We drove down to a creek a ways from here a few times and brought back just enough. We are very happy with the finished product.

Doesn't it feel good to accomplish creating a pretty area? And it is especially satisfying to be done moving the rocks around!!!

Looks good!

Ruth said...

Very pretty. You have such good decorating taste!!

Lori said...

Your November gardens look beautiful.
Nice job decorating and landscaping.

Disney for Boys said...

Kelli, your gardens look lovely! Great job!!! This time of year I have no desire to get out into the garden but it sure could use it :-)