Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's This and That

Thank you to everyone who joined in the New Year blogging fun! I loved seeing what you all were busy with this past year. Speaking of busy, I've been putting Christmas decorations away, organizing and deep cleaning. I always like to start the new year off with things fresh and neat!
We have also been trying to stay warm. Benjamin was very excited to see these icicles by our water garden this morning.

I did take a short break from cleaning today and picked up these cheery pansies for my front porch.

I have a little cleaning to do in my gardens too. I spotted this fallen dried rose this afternoon. Isn't it sweet?!

After my cleaning is finished I will catch up on some letter writing and magazine reading.

And a catnap might be nice too. :0)

What have you been doing this week?


Missy said...

I've been doing a little of this and a little of that! we just came home from our vacation in Texas. Glad to be home and in my own bed :)


Ros said...

What a cute blog you have with lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

I really need to get to my cleaning and sorting too!

I love the picture of your cat, did she finish the jigsaw puzzle? ;)

Paula said...

Picking up after our children who are on school break, doing loads and loads of laundry, and filing away 2007 bills to get ready for the 2008 ones--in other words, not much fun stuff--LOL!!


Jen said...

It seems like I have been struggling at trying get everyone healthy again. I hate colds and what not. If that isn't the case then I have been running trying to catch up on things. Love your picture of the pansies...

Tracy said...

Cleaning, company, and back to school. Love the pansies!

Paula said...

I have a mountain of laundry that needs attention, Christmas decorations begging to be put away, and 4 precocious children who need help with their homeschool lessons. That being said, it's time for me to get off of the computer now. ;)
Mrs. C

nannykim said...

ooooo, seeing the icicles made me check my fountain---we leave it on all year and it was in the 20's last night and only in lowish 30's today---thankfully although it was frozen a trickle is still going!! will add some hot water soon. I have pansies all over--front and back and on the porch!! I love winter pansies--they are so cheerful, but look droopy today in this weather!!!! I've been moving furniture and doing punches of color--see my blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli,
I have been getting the house back in order, cleaning, cooking and just really relaxing.

Cris said...

Hi Kelli! We're back from a few days out of town enjoying family over the holidays and also Summer time. Your last posts are filled with so much creativity. Love the year-round series. And all the Christmas goodies. Have a great 2008! Love,

Anonymous said...

I have been lying on a couch with a bad back. Your week sounds much more productive! :o)

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

I'm doing lots of cleaning, too, Kelli. All of our Christmas things are put away. I will have to go look for a pretty winter tablecloth for our dining room.

Lori said...

We have been doing organizational projects. Like organizing the desk, bedrooms, closets.
We've also been spending time playing games with the kids.
I've had daycare kids all week except for New Years Day!
Derek and Al went back to school today and Megan goes back tomorrow.

Dani said...

The icicles by your water garden are beautiful!

Happy new year!

Linda said...

Hi Kelli, the garden pictures are lovely. Isn't Mother Nature amazing?
I've been busy putting Christmas away too, catching up with blogging friends and I'm reading the winter edition of your is fabulous. Thank you for such a beautiful read and for all the time and effort it takes to create such a wonderful publication. I know everyone feels the same as I do. Linda

Jessica said...

Yesterday was spent watching the snowstorm (nearly 2 feet of new snow). Today I'm gathering all the holiday decor to be stored for only 10 1/2 more months! I'll spend a few minutes in the home office getting things organized for the new year and then it's outside to build my first snowman of 2008! Pictures to come later on my blog. Fun! Fun! Fun!

TJ said...

I love the photos! The water garden is beautiful with icicles.

Must be something about calico's. Ours always sleeps in boxes, on top of paper bags, and anywhere I don't want her too. She's beautiful!

Julie said...

Still trying to pack up all of my Christmas I had to buy 2 more containers to store them in... wow - looks like I bought more new things than I had realized! Also trying to clean as I go..but the going has been slow as I am wrestling with a terrible head ache...grrrrr!

Quinne said...

Hi Kelli :) We are doing much the same - gathering up, organizing, regrouping from Christmas, New Year's and a birthday - whew! DH returned to work today after his holiday, and we are missing him terribly. I am planning our new schedule, getting geared back up for school next week, and we are still praying for some snow this year :) Love to you, Q

Diane Shiffer said...

A good old fashioned deep cleaning is in order here as well. I also like to start the new year all fresh and tidy. I need to redo my schedule and start a new household organizer/notebook...lots to do!

Unknown said...

Unpacking, ironing, washing, ironing...did I mention ironing?

I did organize my master closet (my 3 year old calls it my dressing room!. It does look much better!

I don't have my tree down yet though. I usually do it on New Years Day but this year is a little different.

Happy New Years Kelli!

Unknown said...

Today the tree comes down and the Christmas repacking begins! After that, a cup of tea and a new Martha Stewart Living magazine--but if I go out, I will pick up the new Victoria, too!

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your lovely blog and magazine. It is a treat for me to visit you.

Warm regards,

nancy said...

Kelli, Look at those icicles. I didn't know it was that cold for long enough to do that! We are cleaning up Christmas things and starting new projects. (Rag rugs, here I come.) Praise God, SIL passed his test for the police department. He must take the physical exam shortly. We are all so thrilled, we are beside ourselves. What a way for him to start the new year.
At first glance the kitty looked like a polecat. What a long-haired one. I do like the look of that magazine.

Julieann said...

Hi Kelli!

I have been doing some major cleaning too---all decor is put away too:)

Your kitty is adorable.


Heather Anne said...

I love your pictures Kelli - my garden beds are covered in S-N-O-W (I know you don't allow 4 letter words on your blog!) but it supposed to get warm again next week!

We are still enjoying a visit from my mum and dad - and trying to fit in a little shopping! Our van is needing some major repairs and we are still trying to get things back in place after our water problems, but other than that, we are just enjoying one another's company.

Nora Lee said...

Kelli, it sounds like you have had a wonderful productive week! I would have loved to be home this week, but it was back to work after the holidays.

I am going to start participating in your Friday Show & Tell tomorrow. What a wonderful idea! I have added you to my links on my blog as well.

Take care and stop by to visit.

"Nora Lee's Nook"

Michelle said...


I'm cleaning and putting Christmas stuff away and eating a lot of jelly so my husband can make his version of your chandelier :)


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for ways to redo and change up some for the New Year. Looking at magazines to organize as I go. I have new clients and I am cooking for them everyday so diet is gonna be hard.

Kelly said...

Organizing, cleaning
did I mention organizing????? :)

Anita said...

Oh lucky you! I still have to wait about 6 week before I will be able to find fresh pansies in the garden store! Those are sooo pretty!

And the little rose is very special, too!

What I have been doing this week? Reading the lastes book of my favourite US writer (more than 500 pages) in three days... ;-) Sitting on the sofa with a hot pot of coffee when it's so cold outside. Is there anything better in winter? ;-))

Hugs, Anita

Lena said...

All of your decorating looks nice Kelli. I've been putting things away too, and just finished writing all the important dates on my new calendar. I'm a little late getting to things this year. Being ill, has sort of left me feeling a little off kilter, and it's going to take awhile before I'm caught up.
It's pretty wonderful having Victoria back again, isn't it. I enjoyed the second issue, especially.

Best wishes!