Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Organizing Before and After ~ Giving Thanks

Today, I will be organizing my kitchen hutch drawers.

I try to keep the napkins neat, especially for unexpected company.

This has turned into another junk drawer!

All cleaned up...


Are you working on any projects today?


Linda said...

Kelli, I've been organizing too. This morning I organized the linen drawers in my sidecar. Everything is nicely folded and arranged I must keep it that way....hugs, Linda

P. said...

Ah! My drawers!... They need a little work.


Arlene G said...

Putting the house on the market has made me do some much needed organizing. Even if we do not get a sell, I am ahead of the game with decluttering.

Linda C said...

My hutch drawers could use this too--but will have to wait til for awhile:)
Linda C

Unknown said...

Oh my, looks like my drawers.

Nicole said...

I believe in I am oddly blessed with a serious lack of drawer space in our home. We live in a two bedroom apartment, so not a lot of room for bureaus, and my kitchen is a good size but have very little built in drawers (in fact the two that are built in are so narrow that i can't even get my utensil tray in them.

Sometimes I bemoan not having drawer space,and I have had to improvise using baskets, boxes, etc. But the good thing is- I have no junk drawer. Not one in the house. Not that junk drawers are bad, necessarily, if they are kept in check, but for me they would just be a catch-all for things I didn't want to deal with, and be a place i could accumulate stuff I don't need.

TJ said...

I have junk drawers, junk closets, junk bins... I so need to get organized. Unfortunately I mostly rested this weekend, due to injuring my ribs from coughing and being very sore! Your cleaning projects inspire me though, I just need to get better first!