Monday, January 17, 2011

Back Patio - Before and During Project

We had made good use of our small back patio over the past 12 years, but we were ready for a change.

When we moved here in '99, Phillip had plans of putting in a hot tub, eventually. Now that the girls and Benjamin had outgrown the sandbox, the space was available.

Several other things got the project moving along. The wall behind the ivy needed replaced due to rotting wood, then a few months later we got termites. It was recommended that we remove all the dirt and wood chips from the sides of the house.

The work started in mid November with a new drainage system.



Extended cement slab.

New flagstones.


All finished!


Coleen said...

That looks really nice. I hope the goldfish didn't mind losing their pond home!

Pat said...

What a beautiful, restful place. Hope your family enjoys many wonderful times in this pretty hidewaway!

Anonymous said...

No more pond? It was so pretty! But this is really great too. I bet you all will spend lots of time relaxing in this cozy space you've created. ~Kelly in MN

Anonymous said...

It's fabulous! Congratulations on a job well done.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful.

Charlotte said...

Hi Kelli. I've been thinking about you quite a bit the last couple of days. Why? I was thinking about how you used to host Fridays Show & Tell and how I went to your blog regularly and that I hadn't been here in a long time. So this morning I decided to pay you a little visit. I absolutely adore you beautiful patio. I know you will enjoy many hours out there.
I hope you have a wonderful day, week, year, LIFE.
Hugs & blessings,

Heather said...


Anne said...

Hi Kelli. Thanks for allowing me to look around your place. I love looking at interiors and gardens, especially in my favourite OS country, the USA.
Anne, Australia.