Thursday, May 03, 2012

New Bathroom Picture

Just a new little something for the bathroom.

I'm trying to add more flowers to the room, so I thought I would start with Lily of the Valley and Forget-me-nots.


Mrs.T said...

How pretty, Kelli! The picture is just perfect in that space.

Arlene G said...

May is my birthday month and today a friend brought me a beautiful framed print that had belonged to her parents. It features all the fruits of May...guess where I hung it? In my guest bathroom as well! Great minds think a like!

Waseem said...

How pretty...The picture just look perfect in right place. I really like it.

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Pellie / Penny said...

Wonderful picture and the coloring is so nice for that spot.


Anne said...

Simply beautiful. Perfect. Thank you for sharing!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

LBP said...

That's a really pretty picture, perfect for the bathroom.



Bedroom Wall said...

There is no place like home
I see what you’ve done here, and I love it! One of the finest posts online, keep it up!

TJ said...

I'm in the process, a very long process of redoing our bathrooms. I was crawling around under the house at 9 p.m. last night looking for the water shut off so I could put a new water supply line in for our new toilet.

I cannot wait to have pretty photos like you always have. Your home seems so put together!

Ayu Susantina said...

Wow,,how beautiful..

I wanna share it on my facebook? May I? :)

toko baju muslim pria said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!