Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Child's Prayer

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I picked up these pretty sunflowers today while running errands. They brought to mind this sweet poem.

God, make my life a little light,
Within the world to glow;
A little flame that burneth bright
Wherever I may go.

God, make my life a little flower,
That giveth joy to all,
Content to bloom in native bower,
Although the place be small.

God, make my life a little song,
That comforteth the sad,
That helpeth others to be strong,
And makes the singer glad.

~M. Betham-Edwards

Originally uploaded by pwinn.


Susan P. said...

One of my very favorite flowers and a very sweet poem to go along with them:)

Creative Life Studio said...

Dear Kelli,

The flowers and poem are lovely... and so is your blog! I stopped by because I wanted to thank you for visiting mine (Golightly Place) the other day. It's so nice to have visitors when you've only just "moved in." I was curious as to how you found me, because I actually visit yours quite often! Stop in again any time, I'd love to have you!

Mrs. (Nicole) PivecPi

Kelli said...

Hello Mrs. Pivec,
I found your blog through a comment you made in Mrs. Wilt's shoutbox. :0)
I am really enjoying your blog and will be back often. We have a few things in common. I have been reading "Beautiful Girlhood" by Karen Andreloa and I am a huge fan of her book, "A Charlotte Mason Companion." I am planning on incorporating many more of her ideas this fall. Talk to you soon!

Lori said...

Thank you for this very nice poem.

mrsnesbitt said...

A lovey poem Kelli!

mrs.pivec.........funny isn't it about's like going for a walk, you never know where you are going to end up!

So I will just go for a little walk!


Carole Burant said...

I've always loved sunflowers and we have them growing all over in the veggie garden...not because we planted them, they are thanks to our resident chipmunk! lol We give him sunflower seeds to eat and he goes and hides them in the they grow every year!!

Carole Burant said...

What a delightful poem and I love the sunflowers!!

TJ said...

beautiful poem & flowers...I saw some like that at Walmart today and almost picked them I wish I had!!

Kelli said...

Tammy, that is exactly where I got them. :0)


Tina Leigh said...

Kelli those sunflowers remind me of I just have Fall on the brain??!!

Kelli said...

I think so Tina! But that isn't a bad thing! :0)


Laurie said...

I love sunflowers, they are also my youngest sons' favorite, and I have many happy memories of his drawing me sunflowers that I would hang on the icebox.