Sunday, August 20, 2006


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Make decisions after gathering information and considering consequences. Think things through before taking action.

~Make wiser decisions.
~Attain goals through forethought.
~Learn problem solving.
~Use caution.
~Consider the greater good.
~Learn from past mistakes.

Prudence in Action:

~This month, buy only what is needed.
~List pros and cons prior to making a decision.
~Analyze: What could have prevented this?
~Eat to satisfy hunger as opposed to eating until full.


Grish said...

Good luck. I have trouble with nearly all of them on a regular basis...:)

Tina Leigh said...

Believe it or not, I was taught many of these in nursing school and by my Spiritual Daddy. "Consider the greater good" is a hard one to remember. When things happen to me I often wonder why God might be punishing me or putting me thru something...but HIS plans are not always about me, they involve me but the end result is for someone else. Does that make sense? I think about how poor Moses' mama must have felt when she hid him. You reckon she was thinking she did something wrong... only to find that it wasnt about her, it was about "The Greater Good", God's people. OK I 'm going on & On,,,it was a good post & got me thinking!