Friday, September 01, 2006

A Girl and Her Horses

I grew up out in the country. I have fond memories of my dad walking my younger siblings and I down to the big farm at the end of the road to visit the horses. We each had our own picked out. I named mine Chestnut and he always came right over to see me.

Fast foward 20 years and here I am in the suburbs, with a daughter who loves horses. And I mean LOVES them! On a busy three lane road, not far from our house is some beautiful land with several horses. These horses are very special to an 8 year old girl, named Grace. We drive by them several times a week, but quite often Dad drives over, parks in a near by church parking lot, and they walk over to visit her horses. She is always sure to wear her cowgirl outfit. :0) In our family the horses are known as Star and Eggnog.
There photos were taken yesterday afternoon. Star and Eggnog are on their way over to visit Grace.

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It looks like carrots are on the menu today! And maybe one or two sugar cubes but shhhhhh....don't tell. ;0)

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Star doesn't believe all the sugar cubes are gone.

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Eggnog is smiling because she got the last one!

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After a snack, it's time for some "lovies." Eggnog patiently waits her turn.

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I wish I could tell you that this story has a happy ending, that Grace will always be able to visit her horses.

Two months ago, a big "for sale" sign went up on the corner of the property. Why can't this be one thing that stays perfect forever? Do we really need *one* more office building or *one* more bank? I dread the day we drive by and Star and Eggnog are no longer there.

Grace is going to put all of these beautiful photos up on her wall and she will have wonderful memories to remind her that ~Once upon a time there was....

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A girl

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and her horses.~

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mouse said...

Ohh I feel so bad for Grace, I know she is going to miss her horses. Eggnog and Star are really cute names for the horses, did Grace name them? Maybe if ya'll talked to the owners they would let Grace ride them (or walk her around on them) before they move.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so sad! I hope Grace grows up to only remember the good times and not the sadness of them leaving. I love their names too! Eggnog is adorable. :) Tell Grace her horses are beautiful.

Reviekat said...

Oh, I wanted to cry for Grace! It is a shame that these horses will someday be gone. I hope that Grace gets a lot more opportunities to feed the horses before they are gone.

Amanda said...

Oh that is so sad! As another horse lover, I know how she feels. :(

Susan P. said...

Okay Kelli, you have me in tears here. I'm telling you, you need to work on a childrens book, you definitely have the writing talent for it. You have a silly 48 year old woman crying over a "girl and her horse."

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kelli! I've tears welled up! Poor Grace. I'm so sad that her horses will be leaving sometime in the not so distant future. I'm with Susan. You should write a book, even if it's just for Grace, about "a girl and her horses". You have the photographs to illustrate it even. I think you can probably have something bound up nicely somewhere like Kinkos. I'm serious, Kelli, do it!!! What a precious family heirloom it would become.

Laurie said...

That is so sad, and what beautiful horses they are...I love the name Eggnog! That is a wonderful idea about the book and a way to create lasting memories!

Patty said...

I fully understand the love a girl has for horses. My oldest was that way and she rode every week as a little girl Graces age, but there was no possible way for us to own a horse, which was her dream. Well, miracles do happen, we moved and the girls had a horse after we moved here.
I will say a prayer that Grace finds some new horse friends. Girls can tell a horse all their deepest thoughts !

dot said...

A sweet story kelli! Maybe, just maybe they won't sell the place.

Marci said...

Kelli, Tell Grace that God has a plan. Maybe I could email her and tell her about my niece and how she got her horses.

Kelli said...

Thank you everyone! Yes, Grace named the horses. :0)
I hope the land takes a really long time to sell!


Tina Leigh said...

As sad as it is...what a beautiful story & pictures....Kelli you need to preserve that post some how for her!!!