Saturday, March 24, 2007

Question of the day!

Hello everyone! We are having a couple and their grand daughter over for dinner tonight. The girls and Benjamin want to eat outside on the patio with their friend, so that leaves 4 adults at the kitchen table. I have a question about the seating arrangement...Do I sit the couple beside each other, leaving the one side of the table empty? Or, sit one on each side of the table, across from each other? If I do that, do I remove the extra chairs so that there are only 4 at the table instead of 6? More importantly, does this make any sense at all?! ;0)


EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much for your suggestions! I ended up sitting them on one side of the table and using the other side for the food. We had Roasted chicken and vegetables, bread, salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I'll post pictures and recipes tomorrow!


Paula said...

If the dinner is informal, I would just leave the extra chairs and sit where you can see each other and converse easily. If you have a big empty area on the table, you could place all the serving dishes there and use it like a buffet.

Hope you enjoy your company! :)

Tracy said...

To be HONEST I do NOT know the proper etiquette here. I'm guessing that normally you sit on one end, while your husband sits on the other end. How about, if for tonight,you and your husband sit on one side, and the other couple sits on the other. It seems to me like this would be more balanced seating. OR, you could ASK them how they prefer to sit. Sorry, clear as mud!(0:

Anonymous said...

You know, I think that the rule here is that there is no rule. You should do what feels comfortable. In this day and age, having someone for dinner is almost rare. The couple will be thrilled to be in your lovely home no matter how you seet them. Have fun.

Susie said...

Hi Kelli,
I don't think there's any real "right" way, but I have six chairs at my table. I remove two of them and put one person on each end and one on each side. I'm sure anything you do is going to be just fine..

Karen said...

I would tend to do what Mrs. C said and have room at the end for the serving dishes. I've also had 4 at my table that seats 8. We just slide the chairs back against the walls out of the way.
I would go with whatever feels comfortable to you.
Enjoy your meal with friends!

Christie Belle said...

I am not good at this stuff at all, I have a lot to learn:) But I do hope you enjoy your company and your dinner!

Carole Burant said...

Well it's 6:05 p.m. right now so you're probably just eating now so whatever suggestion I may have is too late! lol I'm sure wherever you seated them is just fine...they'll be too busy eating your delicious food to worry about it! hehe xox

Amanda said...

erm...Well, it's a bit late, but I'd have them across from one another. :)

dot said...

Looks like I'm always a day late and a dollar short!

Lori said...

I'm also late for your seating arrangement plans.
Your meal sounds yummy! Can't wait to see the recipes!!

Anita said...

I do it like you: sit the couple on one side of the table and me and my hubby on the other side... ;-))

BTW, we had a gread Sunday with lots of sun... and all we did was relaxing outside.... It was SO GREAT!

Amanda said...

Hey Kelli! I'm replying here because I wasn't sure if you'd see my reply to the comment you left.

I really need to go because I need to get some batting. Hm. Question is, can I get the children out of the house without going nuts? *G*