Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Organized School Books

Who's idea was it to organize all these books anyways? Oh yeah,
mine. ;0) Here are a few "before" picture of the bookshelves in our livingroom and schoolroom.

First, I stacked the books up in piles based on catergeries. Poetry, geography, history, storybooks, etc.

Schoolroom shelves.

We do have a lot of books. The Sonlight curriculum we use is very literature based and we find books at yardsales, resale stores, etc. Also, many of our books have been passed down by our extended family. I don't want you to think I go crazy every time I see a Barnes and Noble. ;0)

So, here are the "after" pictures. There is even a little space for more books which is always good! The top shelf holds my novels.

2nd shelf:
-Art books
-My childhood Bibles
-Old books given to me by my Grandma and my Beatrix Potter bookset.

3rd shelf:
-Large storybooks
-Missionary stories
-Bible stories and devotional books

4th shelf:
-Nature Study

Schoolroom shelves.

-Social Studies

-General Science
-Animal books

-Drawing books
-Activity books
-Craft books

I still need to fix up our fiction books. I didn't put the non-fiction books in alphabetical order, I organized them by size, large to small so it would be easy for the girls and Benjamin to put them back on the shelf. I promised Phillip I would organize these book the proper way though. :0)

My goal is for all of these books to stay semi-organized for the year, and then I'll do it all again!


rohanknitter said...

Isn't it amazing how many books there seem to be once you've got them all pulled down off the shelves?!

We've got lots of bookshelves in the den/schoolroom and once they were clean and re-organized, I almost felt like I had a new room! ; )

Tracy said...

It all looks great, Kelli! Happy New School Year to you all!

Lori said...

You sure are organized. I love book shelves...they help you get organized. We have book shelves in each of our bedrooms.

Sonya said...

I have to do this very soon! I'm waiting on my hubby to build some bookshelves for us! Thanks for the idea to categorize them! I usually just put them on the shelf and leave them :-o)

Anonymous said...

Look at you go!!!!

Momma Roar said...

Bookshelves on the brain this week!! I just bought one today to try to better organize our books! I must say, that I do miss the beautiful bookshelves in the kids' bedrooms at our last home.

Christine said...

What an interesting post; I simply adore books. You have such a nice variety of books! Blessings!

Disney for Boys said...

Wow great job! I need a similar book shelf, we have our books in baskets but they are overflowing and so unorganized! Great ideas!

Myrna said...

Great job! I love organized books, but I love them even better when there are spaces where books are missing. That means someone is reading!:-)

Jenn4Him said...

Very tidy bookshelves. I do try not to go crazy when I an near a bookstore, but sometimes it happens. :-)Barnes and Nobles gives 20% off to homeschoolers. Did you know that?

Anonymous said...

How nice to get organized!

Anonymous said...

This is something that I SO need to do! We have a gazillion books and bookcases in almost every single room plus more out in a 'book building.' Your nice organizing job inspires me!
You did good!

Mimi said...

well if we're getting the books organized then I guess it's about time to hit them hard and learn what is inside...
good luck with the new school year!!!
by the way... the book case in the bedroom looks great also

Corin said...

Great job Kelli!

Cris said...

You are so organized Kelli, I need some time and energy to do this here, my office needs some cleaning and organizing! You did such a great job! :-)