Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday ~ "Thanksgiving Fun!"

Napkin rings usually cost at least a couple dollars each, and when you need enough for 8-12 napkins it really starts to adds up!

Here are three easy, yet elegant ways to make your own Thanksgiving napkin rings this year.

The only thing you'll need for this first project is beaded garland, which you can find at your craft store. With wire cutters, cut a 5-6 inch length for each napkin.

Bend the garland to fit around each napkin and you're done!
Napkin rings

For the second project you will need:
1. Raffia, cut into lengths suitable for a medium sized bow.
2. Autumn leaves from your craft store's floral section. Or you can use real leaves from your yard!


Gather your folded napkin in the middle and wrap your leaf around the center of it.

Secure with raffia bow.

Trim bow ends.


For our last project you will need:

1. Autumn floral sprigs of your choice
2. Thin ribbon, cut into length suitable for a small bow

Lay rolled napkin on top of cut ribbon.

Place sprig on top and secure with ribbon.

Add a bow.


I hope I have given you some ideas on making your Thanksgiving table extra special this year!


Tracy said...

We use cloth napkins every day. These are nice ideas. I noticed yesterday thta Dollar tree had fabric covered napkin rings 6 for $1! They could easily be embellished.

Anonymous said...

These are very pretty. I will definately try one of these at my table (if not for Thanksgiving at Mom's than at my house house).

Jodi said...

Very pretty, Kelli!

Anonymous said...

In our house we do not use paper napkins at all. Unfortunately, we also never treat the use of cloth napkins as anything special because of it.

These are so great and EASY ideas to make it special for just one day. Or all season long.

Thanks Kelli.

Jen said...

My mom actually does the first one with the garland....Madison used to help her with it when she was little. Great craft ideas.

JavaMama said...

Those are lovely, great ideas! Thanks for the tips. We don't use cloth napkins around here but have really wanted to start.

Mommy said...

How pretty! I really like the fall leaves and rafita ones

Disney for Boys said...

Kelli, i loved this post! I might just use these lovely ideas for our Thanksgiving dinner!


Lori said...

OH very nice. I like both ideas for the napkin rings.
Love the idea of tieing garland around your napkin. Very pretty.
I have leaves and raffia on hand.
So that would be something that I could do.

Anonymous said...

Such creative and fun ideas...

Jenn said...

Thank you for your beautiful ideas! I love combining natural items with everyday items for decorating.


Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

Those are absolutely beautiful, my friend! I'll need to try that. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.