Friday, November 16, 2007

"Show and Tell Friday!"

If you are looking for our "Giving Thanks" celebration, please scroll down!

Welcome to “Show and Tell Friday!” Do you have something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, or a treasured collection. Look around your home for something to share; dig through those boxes in your closet if you have to! Share photos and the story that goes with your special item.

I dug through my jewelry box for today's show and tell. The first thing I'm going to share with you is a bracelet that Phillip gave me before we were married, about 15 years ago.

He had it made at Disney Land and as you can see it spells out my name in gold!

A small blue stone dangles from one of the swirls.

My sister, Melissa knows how much I love acorns, so on my recent vacation, she surprised me with these tiny acorn earrings.

They are about the size of my pinky!

I don't wear the bracelet anymore, but I've been wearing the earrings as much as possible since Autumn is coming to an end!

Thank you for looking at my show and tell!

Show and Tell Guidelines

What is Show and Tell Friday?
Show and Tell involves showing something to an audience, and then telling them about it. Your show and tell must be something that you own, and is in your home or garden.

What items work well for Show and Tell Friday?
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
-Family heirlooms
-A collection you may have
-A piece of jewelry
-A special gift
-Gardening pictures

What doesn't work well for Show and Tell Friday?
-Posts with no photos have no "Show." Please don't use them.
-Photos of events (trips, vacations, celebrations, etc.)
-Photos of things you are selling or planning to sell.
-Photos found on the internet, graphics or screenshots. Please use photos you take yourself.
-Old photos of just people instead of things.

There is no place like home is the original home of Show and Tell Friday. Please do not host your own.

How can I participate?
Once you've got your photo(s) and your story, it's easy as 1-2-3!

1 - Publish your "Show and Tell" on your blog, including a link back to There is No place like Home.

2 - Copy the link (or "permalink") from your post.

3 - Add it to Mr. Linky, along with your first name only. I usually put Mr. Linky up on Friday at 12:00am Eastern time.

Since next Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, "Show and Tell" will be taking a short break!


Anonymous said...

Your jewelery is so much fun! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm glad you chose to take a break next Friday. Blessings...

Rose of Sharon said...

Your jewelry is so pretty! I love the bracelet. How romantic that your husband bought it for you. The little acorns are so cute too and so perfect for fall!

Hugs! Sharon

Anonymous said...

Kelli, Your items are lovely, thanks for sharing!

I don't have a clue how I ended up on both linkies , very weird! Could you delete the first Tiany, it did not go through the first time so I did it again but when I refreshed the page there I was twice! :-)

Thank you!

Have a blessed weekend!

Kelli said...

Hi Tiany! That was my fault, I just wrote you a note in your comments! It should be fixed now, scroll down to the Giving Thanks" post.

Suzy said...

Beautiful pieces...and have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

Anonymous said...

Nice jewelery.I dont wear much jewels,but seein a lot of it around lately...mabe time for me to clean out the old jewelery box and possibly putting some on.

P.S. Like your blog. Here is mine if you have time to check it out.

Unknown said...

I just love those tiny acorn earrings. what a special surprise gift !!!


Hootin Anni said...

Howdy Kelli! Y'know, I've been looking for something that has KELLandI!!!! For a gift. All I see is KellY!!! I never thought of having something like this made for a gift. That's cool. AND LOVE the earrings.

My S n T is posted. Turkeys today. :o)

Sondra said...

They are both so pretty. I love the tiny acorns. It is funny, but when I am out shopping and see something acorn I say to myself- I bet Kelli would love this!
It is so neat how I have come to know so many things about so many people thru this show and tell!

Anonymous said...

I love the bracelet. That is just beautiful.

Susan said...

Cute items :o) Did the blue stone color represent anything special?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Kelli, I love those earrings. I wanted to do a Show and Tell post today, but for some reason blogger won't let me upload pictures! Any idea why?

nannykim said...

love the acorn earings--they are adorable!

Lori said...

Love boht the earrings and the bracelet. They are both very pretty.

dot said...

What a pretty bracelet. That Phillip is one sweet husband! I love the little earrings too. Very unique!

Anonymous said...

Those earrings are absolutely adorable!

Happy Thanksgiving Kelli!

Dawn said...

Nice bracelet....good memory connected to it.
Come over to check my owlet a link to the tutorial.
Enjoy the weekend, Kelli and all!

Dawn said...

I love those earrings!

Hannah said...


Unknown said...

I've been trying to give thanks for something on my blog every day this month. I've missed a few. I left a link to the first day.

Thanks! BTW, LOVE those acorn earrings!


Dianna said...

Your things look like lots of fun. Thanks for hosting!

Carole Burant said...

Love the bracelet and those acorn earrings are the cutest things I've ever seen!! I didn't participate in Show & Tell today, I just don't have time to visit everybody in the links today and I find it unfair to the others if I participate but can't visit! lol xox

Dana said...

Hello Kelli!

I do adore the idea of "Show & Tell" Friday, and I'd love to join you if I may? Jeannene invited me. :) I've added your link and my entry on my blog.

Lovely Jewelry and have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Susie said...

Dear Kelli,
You put so much into hosting this each week, I'm glad you've decided to take a nice little break. I didn't join in this week, but always enjoy seeing what others have shared.
Those little acorn earrings are perfect for this season.
Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

Mrs.T said...

What lovely jewelry!

Thanks for hosting!

SimpleFolk said...

Hi Kelli!

I have posted mine. Wishing you and your dear family a blessed Thanksgiving!


SimpleFolk said...

Oops! Kelli, I somehow put my name in the wrong Mr. Linky! I'm SO sorry. I meant to leave a Show & Tell. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Ann'Re said...

Lovely...and such a sweet gift from hubby! Thanks for sharing the jewelry and the memories with us. Ann'Re

retha said...

Do not know where my comment went.

I think your bracelet is very unique and it is good to have a sister who knows you.

Bethany said...

I love this whole idea of Show and Tell Friday. I am also IN LOVE with those acorn earrings :) They are so cute.

Unknown said...

That's a special bracelet, so sweet! I thought the acorn ear-rings were adorable and just right for this time of year!

Happy Thanksgiving Kelli!

Anonymous said...

Those are both so sweet, Kelli!

My Giving Thanks post and Show and Tell post are the same today.

Mary said...

Love the jewelry and just wanted to thank you for hosting Show and Tell Friday. I enjoy visiting others to see what their show and tell is all about.


Michelle said...

That name bracelet is so neat -- I love that it was made just for you!

Mommy said...

Both very lovely pieces of jewelry. I really like the acorns, but why don't you wear the bracelet anymore?

Anonymous said...

Kelli, Thanks for hosting show and tell each week. You did a special job with the Thanksgiving week also. I'm grateful for all your posts.