Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday ~ "Thanksgiving Fun!"

If you are hosting a big crowd this Thanksgiving chances are there will be a "kids table." Make it a fun place to eat dinner with some crafts and activities! These projects are easy enough for little ones to help with and perfect for older children to do all by themselves.

For the first project you will need: Paper napkins, ink pads (color of your choice) and Thanksgiving/Autumn related rubber stamps.

All you do is stamp each napkin with a pretty design!

You can use one large stamp....

Or several little stamps all around. Use your imagination!

For the next project get out your paper and stickers for these easy napkin rings.

Cut one strip of paper for each napkin.

Wrap strip around napkin and secure with a piece of tape.

Add a fun Thanksgiving sticker and you're done!


Finally, here is a link for some Thanksgiving Printables. There will come in useful while everyone is waiting for dessert!


Disney for Boys said...

I had to come back before going to bed to see what you had to share with us! Another great idea, the boys would love to make these! Thanks!

Jenn said...

That is really cute! I will have to keep these in mind for next year! I don't think I'll be able to put it together for this year but who knows.......maybe I can get to a craft store this weekend?! I have a pretty good excuse here after all...hehe


Lori said...

What a great idea. You have many of them.

Anonymous said...

Kelli, The napkin rings are great. My gd Elizabeth came and looked at the place cards last night and was very inspired. Wait til she sees these! We have a huge collection of stickers and stamps and I know she'll come up with something nice.
Nancy p.s. how do I place an avatar that will show up here?
Thanks, Kelli, you've enriched a lot of lives with sweetness.

Susie said...

Very cute idea Kelli! I may borrow this one :)

Anonymous said...

Kelli, I love the craft ideas today! Very easy and FUN!

Gena said...

I love these ideas! Since we are all big kids, I may do this for my entire group at Thanksgiving! We would all get a kick out of it. None of have littles anymore, so this would really be fun.

Anonymous said...

I love those stamped paper napkins. What a great way to dress them up. I never would have thought to do that. And so easy.

Thanks, Kelli.

JavaMama said...

GREAT ideas! I am so going to be stamping some napkins!!

JOYfullyin Him,

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

What a great idea. I am going to do this for sure. I already have all the stuff to do it. What a cute simple way to embellish our napkins!
Love it.

Mommy said...

All great ideas. I love the idea of stamping on the napkins! :)