Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday ~ "Thanksgiving Fun!"-Part 2


The Cornucopia (also known as a Horn of Plenty) is a very common Thanksgiving symbol. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, and today I'm going to share with you the step-by-step process of making one.

You will need a horn shaped basket.

There are many things you can fill your cornucopia with: pumpkins, apples, gourds, dried leaves, acorns, chestnuts, dried wheat, etc.

1. Arrange a few leaves along the top inside of the basket.

2. Place your largest item inside. I used a pie pumpkin.

3. Arrange Autumn leaves (from the store or your yard) along the sides and in front of the basket.

4. The next layer will be your medium sized items. I used gourds on the left and Indian corn on the right.

5. Now it's time for the small items such as pumpkins and apples. Arrange them so they appear to be flowing out of the basket.

6. The last layer will be tiny things such as acorns and chestnuts. Sprinkle them all around.

All the way up to the very front.

All ready for Thanksgiving!


Rowan said...

I love the cornucopia, it's absolutely beautiful. It's also something I can do and use as an autumn decoration, just have to find the cornucopia shaped basket. The pie poem is nice too.

Anonymous said...

This cornucopia looks beautiful. I would love to try and make one. It seems quite easy. Thanks for sharing.

Disney for Boys said...

Lovely, what a simple, frugal but beautiful arrangement!

Lori said...

Beautiful Cornucopia.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cornucopia!