Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's Cookin'?

Good morning! I can't believe there is only one more week in September. The first half of the month was nice and cool, but now it's back up close to 90F. Despite the hot temperatures, I've put away my summer recipes and we are enjoying comfort foods like casseroles and stews. Here are a few things I've cooked and baked in the past few weeks...

Mrs. H's Texas Chili and Country Cornbread Muffins

Cornbread muffins

Macaroni and Cheese

Mrs. H's Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese

Meatball subs
Sandra's Snappy Meatball Heroes

Apple Pie Muffins

Apple Pie Muffins from A Year from Oak Cottage

Apple Pie Muffins
If you struggle with menu planning and making dinner every night like I do sometimes, all three of these blogs are filled with delicious recipes and menu ideas that I'm sure will inspire you!


kymk99 said...

I will have to come back to get those recipes! We actually have chili and cornbread on the menu this week also even though the temperature during the day is close to 90, but how can we resist with the mornings and evenings being a whole lot cooler than they have been during the summer!

Yvonne :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli! YUMMY! Your pictures are "yummy' too. Thanks for sharing, Debbi

Jenn said...

This is on the menu for lunch this week here as well. It has been SO COLD!!! Makes me wonder what we're in for this winter!!

Last year it was warm thru October.

Kerri said...

Isn't fall your favorite time to cook? The cool days and nights give me the cooking bug! My husband works outside, and loves a hot meal when he gets home. Looks like you have been as busy cooking as I have. Those Apple Pie Muffins look so good!! We are having your gingerbread cupcakes Friday night, Yum! I ran out of time in the kitchen Sunday.
Thanks for all the gread recipies!
Love Kerri

Just Mom said...

Oh, my word! You've photographed all of my favorite things.

June Cleaver in Sneakers said...

Hi Kelli,

Just poppin' in to say thanks for sharing your Banana Muffin recipe with us. My daughters and I made them this week and we just loved them. Add a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of tea and all is right with the world!

(we've also made the Texas Chili that you posted about. It's a keeper.)

Trixi said...

Oh, my these are great recipes and I will have to try them.
Thanks for sharing.


Sondra said...

Oh my goodness! That food looks so wonderful! The pictures look edible. I love the way you have your house decorated for fall. So very beautiful. Thank you for keeping my family in your prayers :)

Carole Burant said...

Kelllliiiiiiii! Do you know how much I've been craving chili lately and what's the first thing I see this morning...your picture of the chili! lol Everything looks so yummy and I'll definitely have to go check out all those recipes. xoxo

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Looks delicious!! Thanks for the links, too, you've directed me to some great blogs lately.

Missy Wertz said...

Oh yum!!! Chili sounds good this morning! We had Priority 1 meet you at the flag pole this morning at 7:00 am. Our Tween minister was invited to lead. It was below 60. That is cool for us. Very cool!

But now it is after the equinox, I am ready to decorate for fall. And, like you, I like to put away any white doilys and bring out the ecru. I think I have plenty though. That is good.

Stop by my blog later. I have something for you. :D

Tina Leigh said...

I need all the help I can get!! Funny that it was cool over there last week and hot it is cool here! I made an upside down apple cake yesterday from an old Southern Living magazine....I was disappointed. A waste of good apples and pecans.

Tammy said...

Good Morning Kelli,
The chili and cornbread muffins look so good! Our temperatures here in Alabama are very nice right now.....59 degrees this morning and highs only in the 70s.
Have a great day! :)

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

How fun that you have taken blog recipes and actually made them. I know I love it when people comment..."I tried your granola or bread." I plan on doing this a whole lot more on my blog this winter.
I am in the middle of a grocery/meal planning series and will definitely need to take pictures of the finished makes all the difference.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Wanita said...

Kelli, Everything looks so delicious! It seems like we all are ready for the comfort foods we cook in fall and winter.


Katy said...

YUMMY!!! Everything looks fantastic Kelli! :)

Grandma Faith said...

Your post today gets me in the mood for some chili. It's still very warm here, but I can turn the thermostat down for a little while. Have a good day.

Susie said...

Hi Kelli,
These all look tempting and are real comfort foods as the cooler weather moves in. I'm not familiar with those blogs, but will have to stop in for a peek!
Have a great week..

Anonymous said...

Mmm mmm! Your pictures are making me hungry! Great post! Thank you!

love, Tina :)

TJ said...

It has finally cooled down here so those meals look so good. Actually Everyday Food has a recipe for Shepherds Pie that look so amazingly delicious, and simple. If anyone is looking for another great Fall recipe, you should check the Martha Stewart website for it.

As for the homemade Mac and Cheese, just let me know next time it's cooking, and I will be there! That is my favorite!

Unknown said...

Oh yum! Your food always looks so yummy!!! :)

Nancy M. said...

These recipes just look like Fall!
I will visit again to jot some of these down. Thank you for sharing them. Have a blessed weekend Kelli!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Kelli, can I just come live at your house? Ha! You are SUCH a good cook!


Sandra said...

I'm hungry and looking at all the photos just has me drooling. Glad you enjoyed the Meatball Subs, they're so I need to try that Chili and the cornbread YUM.

Jill F. Miller said...

Hi Kelli,
I ran across your blog listed on Martha Stewart's blog comments. Keep up the good work!
Twin Sisters

GlorV1 said...

Very delicious looking. Great pictures and yes, September is just about gone. Unbelievable. Take care.

Mrs. U said...

Oh YUM!! Thank you for sharing these links, Kelli! I will most definitely be trying them!!

Mrs. U

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Yum, all I need is a cup of coffee and a couple of those apple pie muffins and I would be satisfied. All your recipes look so delicious....yum.

Anonymous said...

So many good recipes to try. My husband loves cornbread. I'm really going to have to try that one.

Jen said...

It all looks so very good...I'm doing taco Soup next week...yummy!

cryssi said...

Thank you for all the links, they all look delicious and even though the temp has been high around here this week, we are having comfort foods too. I am just so ready for Fall type weather.


Pink Princess said...

Your BLOG is one of my absolute favorites to read! You inspire me to make my own cards even, and I never liked home made cards, not to make them myself I mean, love to receive them, lol.
But WOW where do you find the time!!

And the recipes, yummo

Absolutely gaga over your blog ;).

Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands