Thursday, April 02, 2009

Show and Tell Friday!

Welcome to “Show and Tell Friday!” Do you have something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, or a treasured collection. Look around your home for something to share; dig through those boxes in your closet if you have to! Share photos and the story that goes with your special item.

Happy Friday! Thank you to everyone who shared their paper crafts and also for the sweet comments. Today, I am sharing some of my special childhood jewelry...
My Great Grandma left this tiny heart necklace to me when she passed away.

A favorite pin from an Aunt.

This ballerina's legs and arms move back and forth.

I wore these sailboat earrings when I was 13-14 years old. Every single day. :0)

My mom and dad gave me these clip-on earrings when I was 9 or 10 years old. I had just had some dental work done and they were a special gift.

Speaking of my mom, today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thank you for looking at my show and tell and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

HI Kelli! I loved all of your cherished jewelry. You are so sentimental about so many things. I love that about you. Thanks for sharing.

OH YES! Happy Birthday to Kelli's Mom. Hope your day was special in every way.

Love, Debbi

A Hint of Home said...

Childhood jewelry is so special with all their memories. You have such pretty pieces.

Bethany Hudson said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Oh, jewlery with a story is absolutely the best kind... even if it's nowhere near as expensive or "pretty" as some of the things you see in the store. Of course, when it is both beautiful and sentimental, it is doubly wonderful!

{oc cottage} said...


m ^..^

Anonymous said...

I love your jewelry and the special memories that accompany each piece. Happy Birthday to your mom!

Molly's Art Designs said...

Dear Kelli,
I love the sweet jewelry!! How sweet that the pieces hold dear memories! I have posted some Easter decorations for Show & Tell. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

These are sweet little treasures. I think it's cute you use to wear the little boats everyday-wishing to see the ocean?
I have my old jewelry box and look through it once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom too!

Kathy said...

Those are precious pieces! Love that you still cherish them...Kathy

Tasha said...

very pretty

Gattina said...

I never had jewelry when I was a child, but I think that was due to the time too because it was just after the WW 2 and people were more thinking of food. Pretty little pieces you got !

Christine said...

I'll bet you are the memory keeper of your family. I think it is so sweet and special how you cherish your family treasures.

Happy Birthday to your mom.

Unknown said...

Beautiful - lovely to trasure, and hand down to your kids.

SmilingSally said...

I understand why you wore those sailboat earrings every day; they're darling.

Janice said...

You have some lovely pieces of jewelry, thank you for sharing.

Janet said...

Those are very special pieces and I love every one!

P. said...

Lovely things.


Serenata said...

Your jewellery is lovely. A very happy birthday to your Mum.

Hootin Anni said...

Beautiful pieces Kelli!!!

Secondhand Blessings said...

Thanks for sharing your jewlery; I hope you treasure them for many more years to come.

Scrapdolly said...

lovely treasures as always

I have a very different show and tell today - hope it is OK

Have a great weekend

diane b said...

Good on you for keeping them since childhood. I have added my S&T for the first time. I hope that it is OK because it is not an item from home but something I made on the computer.

Sandra said...

What a blessing that you have somehthing like that to cherish!

KBeau said...

What beautiful jewelry. More and more I am treasuring those remains of childhood.

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday to you mom!! Thank
you for the journey about the jewelry
It brought back memories for me.

Have a wonderful day.

Love Bears All Things said...

Loved seeing your special pieces and hearing the story that goes with them.
Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Mama Bear

Heather said...

precious jewelry pieces! And a big happy birthday to your mom today!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your jewelry is lovely and brings back such memories. My childhood jewelry is put away but I now have a strong desire to take it out. :)



Trina said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I pray she has a blessed day. Hope all is well with you. I'm trying to get back in to the blog world after the battle with cancer. Miss you much ~ {{HUGS}}

Cindy said...

Help! Under 43 I entered my full name as Cindy D., just automatically. Can you delete it or tell me how? I am the Cindy under 44, so that one is ok, I think.

Little Penpen said...

You have some beautiful pieces of jewelry. My family weren't big jewelry people and I only remember getting two pieces of jewelry growing up. I think I only have the ring (two little pearls) now.

LBP said...

How lucky to have your childhood jewelry. I was such a tomboy that I never had very much jewelry.

Thanks for sharing!


GranthamLynn said...

Oh what sweet treasures. I enjoyed seeing them. Happy Birthday Kelli's mom.
BTW I wrote about Show and Tell again maybe some of my visitors will stop here too.
Have a Great Day.
p.s What is Daisy up to.

Mary Anne said...

That's so nice that you have some cherished jewelry from your Grandma, Aunt, and parents. I think keepsakes like that are invaluable;-)

Have a great weekend.


Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

Wish I could participate this week, but I can't find the camera anywhere. :-( We bought a darkwood diningroom table off of Craigslist for $75, and I was going to show it off with my grandmother's doilies. Maybe next week.

nancy said...

What fun, Kelli. It's so nice that you have these keepsakes. I'll bet that just holding them in your hand brings back a flood of nostalgia.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your dear mother!
I enjoyed your treasures today.
Happy Weekend to you!

Mrs.T said...

How sweet, Kelli! I have quite a bit of jewelry from my childhood, too. I'll share it here sometime!

Thanks for hosting... and happy birthday to your mom!

God bless.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love sentimental pieces. Great post. Happy Birthday to your mom. Hugs, Marty

Susan B said...

Hi Kelli,
I love all your jewelry. It's so sweet, especially the ballerina and sailboat earrings! Thank you for sharing them.

I hope you Mother has a lovely birthday!

Elena said...

Such a sweet collection! I love sentimental jewelery too! I have a birthstone ring from when I was 9 years old and some other things. I treasure them very much! The little ballereina pendant is so cute with arms and legs that move!

Linda C said...

Your jewelry is just precious! So sweet:) Thanks for telling us the stories behind them.

And Happy Birthday to your mom!!

~Linda C

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Kelli,

I love jewelery with memories attached - means so much more! I have some dear pieces from my own Gramma too.

Thanks for hosting another show and tell - I've looked forward to this all week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mommy!

~ Barb

Anonymous said...

oh how i love that ballerina charm. just beautiful! it brings back special memories for me too.. thanks for sharing.

Queen Of Her Castle said...

Oops! I accidentally linked to my Show And Tell from last week instead of today.

Is there any way I can change it to fix it?

Have a great day, Kelli, and thanks for hosting!



Hi Kelli:
I post on show and tell fridays and when I click on my name it shows someone elses blog..
My name is Maurine and I posted blog is http;//


I love all the jewlery pieces and I know how special a piece can be.. i have some simple pieces that my Mom had in a little Avon box when she passed away and I treasure them. Even tho they aren't worth any money, they are priceless to me...

The Raggedy Girl said...

I love to see old jewelry and your items are really lovely. Thank you for hosting this fun Friday activity.

Have A Fabulous Friday
From Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl.

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

The Old Parsonage said...

Oh Kelli

Your posts are alwyas so heartwarming. I love that you shared your childhood jewelry. It brings back so many memories.


Anonymous said...

Your sweet jewelry brought back so many good memories for me. I have collected a few pieces along the way, but like you, none are so cherished as my grandmother's necklace. It truly is priceless.

Of course I posted my link in the wrong Friday before getting it right!
Happy S&T Friday..and thanks.


Susan of Pink Portuguese Roses said...

I posted a link to my piece of jewelry.

Thanks for all the wonderful blogging Kelli!!!

TJ said...

Beautiful jewelry! And it will be so special to hand them down to your girls too.

My Show & Tell may be a bit borderline on the rules, but we had a huge surprise today, and I posted a photo of it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

CarJax said...

Hi Kelli, Thanks for sharing this great treasure of jewelry. So special! Blessings, Jax in Alaska

FeeBeeKay said...

I think it is wonderful that you still have some of your pieces of jewellry from childhood. Such a great thing to keep for your own children!

Jadehollow said...

Your jewelry is priceless Kelli.. I started working in my Mothers jewelry store when I was 15 and a few years later I became a Jeweler and worked on an repaired jewelry. I would be so terrified working on heirloom pieces.. I knew they were priceless to the owner. To calm myself I would imagine stories about each of the pieces and all the social events they most likely wore them to. Thanks for sharing and for hosting show and tell.. now I don't have to imagine stories anymore.. I get to experience the real ones behind the lovely priceless pieces.
Have a blessed weekend.

Carole Burant said...

Such treasured jewelry pieces, how wonderful that you've held on to them!! Happy Birthday to your mom:-) xoxo

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Happy birthday to your mom, Kelli!

Thanks again for hosting this little get-together.

I love your jewelry. It's so much fun to have those old things with so many memories attached.


Ashley ~ said...

I especially liked the ballerina and the sail boats*! Have a great weekend*! _Ashley ~

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love your blog. It is just beautiful. I am sure I will visit often. You childhood jewelry is so pretty. I am sure that it hold many special memories for you.


teachermomof2 said...

Hi Kelli! I loved all of your sentiments about your jewelry! I had the same ballerina necklace as a girl. Thank you for bringing back one of my memories.


Linda said...

Very sweet pieces with wonderful memories...hugs, Linda

Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage said...

I love going through my jewelry box and remembering all the wonderful people and occasions each piece brings to mind. You have some very special pieces and memories to cherish!

Have a great weekend,

30 Days of Junkin'

Mrs. H. said...

Happy Birthday to Kelli's Mom! :-)

Crafts a la Mode said...

Oh, this is interesting. I'm not familiar with Mr. Linky. I do have some jewelry I could post from my great-grandmother and I have a giveaway on my blog for children's tiaras and princess bags. Thanks Mrs. Linky. :)


Linda Q said...

Thanks for hosting us Kelli and I enjoyed your post about your chilhood jewelry. It is not the jewels that they are but the memories that are the treasures!
Linda Q

Gena said...

It was wonderful to see your childhood jewelry. I have already given alot of mine to MY girls and they love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mama, Kel! Beautiful jewelry! My own mother and I were just remembering some of the jewelry that I grew up with while talking over pieces that my grandmother had given us.

the voice of melody said...

The ballerina is so cute but how precious is the heart necklace from your great grandma! What a treasure.

Hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! :)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm late, had my second eye surgery and just now doing my comments!

These are really special pieces from your childhood! Love the ballerina!


Amanda said...

Those are all lovely!

I know I don't comment much these days, but I do enjoy reading your entries. I'm planning on making a homemade card in the next couple of weeks and am going to refer to one of your tutorials!

I hope all is well with you guys!

Divamom said...

OMGosh! I had those same sailboat earrings!!! Mine were red, though, but I did wear them a lot too! I love all your jewelry. I was at a loss at what to post, so maybe next time I'll pull out some memorable jewelry too! Thanks for sharing!

Be Blessed!

Terri Lee Takacs said...

I love your blog! I just got back from Amish Country in Lancaster County and was happy to see the Amish bread recipe!
Happy easter!

Tina Leigh said...

What a nice show & tell from your past Kelli. I love your treasures!