Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Celebrations

Good morning! Thank you for all of the Happy Easter wishes. I hope you and your family had a wonderful celebration, too. We had a good week off of school and I had extra time to clean out the gardens and plant flowers.

Hot cross buns
I made a double batch of hot cross buns on Friday. Thankfully, the neighborhood kids helped eat them.

Easter baskets
We went to a fun Easter party on Saturday and then stayed up late cooking, baking, and putting baskets together.

Easter outfits
It was cold and rainy, but we still dressed up in our spring outfits for church.

Daisy had fun raiding the Easter baskets while we were gone. She especially liked the bubble gum and peeps. Then, she dug in the muddy sandbox. Twice.

We had a delicious ham dinner with Phillip's family and a friend from church. I won't have to cook for a week!

Now it's time to start a new week and get back into our routines. How was your weekend?


Clare said...

It sounds like you had a beautiful day... happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

HI Kelli! I sure missed you this week but I am glad that you enjoyed your spring break.

Our Easter was nice. I hosted a wonderful Easter party Saturday for my granddaughters and their friends....nine kids and ten adults.

Hope you and the rest of the Winn family have a blessed week. Love, Debbi

Tove said...

Lovely pictures you show from your Easter holiday! Your children are so adorable! Hope your days have been a bundle of blessings!

Hugs from Tove in Norway

Christine said...

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have enjoyed the holiday. Happy Easter.

Unknown said...

We had a nice Easter..Joyful! I won't have to cook much at all this week...I can never judge portions to make! lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Barbara H. said...

We had a lovely celebration as well. Good to see you back!

Mary said...

Hi , i just knocked into your blog whilst going through others . Very nice, i love the buns you made for Easter!

Terri said...

It looks like you had a lovely Easter!

dot said...

Unbelievable how fast your kids are growing and changing! Oh those buns look fantastic!

Unknown said...

It sounds - and looks - like you had a wonderful Easter. Such great pictures!

I just love the little hedgehog pot-hangers in the last photo. Adorable!

Noel said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

Love Bears All Things said...

We fill our baskets also. I bought mostly non candy items for daughter to add.
Love the Geranium!
That Asparagus looks yummy.
Mama Bear

bookflutterby said...

I just stumbled across your blog today and noticed that you are from Canada. Hooray! (Obviously, I'm Canadian!) How do you like Texas? Wow- that would be different from up here eh? My DH has been there, and wants to take me to visit sometime. I love your blog- so many helpful articles on here! Will be stopping by again soon!

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter and a yummy dinner!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli !!
Happy Easter to you too !!
I just love the look on Daisies fa ce, saying I'm so sweet, I haven't done anything wrong have I ??? What a little rascal !!!
I can see you have had a wonderful time and the food looks simply delicious !!
Have a great week.

Heather said...

oh my goodness, daisy daisy daisy, lol! i'm glad you all had a wonderful Easter!

Tina Leigh said...

Looks like yall had a great Easter. Those buns look wonderful! If I lived in your neighborhood I would have run all the kids off & ate those things by myself! Cant get over how much your babies have grown! I had to work so we hunted eggs with Little Package thursday & friday.

TJ said...

Your meal looks fabulous, and I love the hedgehogs in your planter.

The kids and I enjoyed the annual sunrise service outdoors at church yesterday morning, and it was the nicest weather we had all day. By noon it was cold and windy. So the bbq at my parents was eaten inside. But we all enjoyed ourselves!

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

My open roads said...

Weekend here was full of yummy treats too :)
Your Easter dinner looks fantastic! And the hot-cross buns to, yummy!
Daisy looks too funny on that picture, with her 'I didn't do it' face! :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a sweet post. Your table was lovely, your basket were cute and your dog should come and live with me and I would give him Peeps every day.

Have A Marvelous Monday
from Roberta Anne
"The Raggedy Girl"

Jennifer said...

Looks like your day was lovely!! Its nice to think about getting back into a routine! Enjoy your week -

Joy said...

The kids look like they had a Happy Easter. The table looks beautiful.
I love geraniums. They are my favorite.


Michelle said...

What a wonderful, Easter celebration you and your family had. :) I was fortunate enough to be able to fly home and be with mine. It was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Glad you had such a lovely day! :) Everything looks beautiful.

Sandy M. said...

Do you mind sharing your hot cross buns recipe? I have a certain taste in mind that I remember from a bakery where I grew up in Michigan and I keep hoping I'll find a similar recipe. It sure was an untypical Easter for Dallas! Kinda gloomy and chilly until late in the day.

Kelli said...

Hope you are refreshed after your break. Glad you're back!!

Sharri said...

Your dinner table looked delicious!
The children were darling!
The Dog...looked apologetic..

and I just loved those hedgehogs peeking out from the flowerpot! :)

He is Risen!

Gayle@Mountain Moma said...

We had a lovely Easter. It feels a bit sad to get back into the routine today. But at least I didn't have to cook today!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Looks like you had a lovely Easter! That platter of asparagus on your dinner table looks especially delicious:)

We had a great Easter also!

Susie Homemaker said... glad you enjoyed your time off to be with your family for what looks like a wonderful Easter celebration...


P.S. the poor pup didn't get in too much trouble did he?

Jen said...

I just loved the picture of Daisy...hilarious...dogs will be dogs wont they????
Your kids look adorable....sounds like you had a great Easter.

Just Mom said...

That ham dinner looks amazing!

A belated, but no less happy, Easter to you and your family.

Carrie said...

Your Easter photos are a delight to see!

joyh82 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful feast and happy Easter. Love the little hedgehogs in your flower pot.

nancy said...

what a lovely Easter celebration you had! The food looks yummy. (Love that fresh asparagus!) Gosh your kids have grown so much since I saw them last. They are beautiful!

Naturegirl said...

Kelli the children have grown so much since I last saw photos of them!! The girls are young ladies now!!
Hugs NG

Lori said...

Love all your Easter pics.
Your kids look so nice all dressed up.
Your table and all the food looks soo good.
Made me hungry just looking at it. Must be time for a snack.