Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome June!

Geranium bloom~June 2008

"June is bursting out all over as summer finally arrives. The days are hot, the roses are in bloom and we feast on strawberries and cream."~Sarah Ban Breathnach

A view from my bedroom window~June 2007

Water Garden lit up at night~June 2008

If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance.~Bern Williams

A waterlily bloom~June 2009

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon;
to me those have always
been the two most beautiful
words in the English language.
~Henry James


Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Cream Cupcakes~June 2008


Thank you for stopping by for a visit and taking a look at a few of my favorite things about June. I'm looking forward to some time off school, a wedding anniversary and Emily's 10th birthday. What are you looking forward to this month?

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.
~L. M. Montgomery


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh I'm so happy it's just about strawberry picking time here. Your lemonade looks so yummy. I think I'm going to have to make some.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Just looking at these pics have been relaxing! And I love the June quotes. I am going to enjoy each and every minute of this lovely month! Painting and upcycling things for my webstore, working in the garden, and enjoying fresh vegetables.

Kathryn said...

Great pics, I love the look of that lemonade and will have to make some myself today *smile*!

Unknown said...

I love the light evenings - it does not get dark here until around 10pm :)

Tina Leigh said...

I am not one that likes change anymore but the change of the seasons is I love that. I love the mornings on the I am getting up 30 minutes earlier just to do that. love this post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli! Beautiful, beautiful pictures. This month I am looking forward to a two week trip to see my daughters and their families. While I am visiting them I can go to Hobby Lobby. HE! HE! I have told you before how much I love that store.

Also, a fun birthday party is coming up on June 20 for my granddaughter who is turning five. There are many, many reasons to love June, aren't there?

Love, Debbi

LadySnow said...

That strawberry lemonade looks delicious!

Just Mom said...

I'm looking forward to more pics of your garden. :-D

Anonymous said...

Welcome June indeed!


Barbara H. said...

This is our first day of summer break, and I am so glad for not setting alarm clocks and for a more laid-back pace.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love this time of the year. Lemonade & cup cakes look so good.

Susan of Pink Portuguese Roses said...

I am looking forward to not having to leave the house for school activities.

Lazy summer evenings...embroidering.

Making Iced Tea and Lemonade.

Trying to grow my veggies...and pulling the weeds. (well, pulling weeds isn't fun...but it keeps me in the garden)

Our Fabulous and Famous VBS!!!!

Your blog is such a delight! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!!! LOL!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

This was such a beautiful many little delightful temptations!!!
everything vintage

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I love June because the days are longer. I can work out in my yard until dark. Then we will light the fire pit and sit around that.

Linda C said...

I love June too- the beginning of summer. Probably from the good feeling of school being out when I was growing up:)

I enjoyed your pictures- beautiful!

Have a wonderful week, Kelli!

Linda C

Ashley ~ said...

I hope I got here before all the lemonade and cupcakes are gone*!!!
Everything looks so good*! _Ashley

Cathy said...

Thanks for that great post, Kelli. I love all your pretty pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The water lilly is so pretty.
Enjoying flowers and fresh fruit & vegetables are all part of what I am looking forward to this summer!

Me said...

Hi Kelli,

A lovely post, as always. ;) June for me is like another Christmas. Just between my husband and mom and dad, I have one anniversary, two father’s days, and three birthdays to buy for. They are all within a 7-day period. I am thankful for all three lovely people. I just wish that they wouldn’t all have celebrations at the same time! :)

SmilingSally said...

We close on our house June 18th and move!

Barbara Jean said...

Just letting you know i got my card making kit.
Fun colors!!
Better get something made up and show you. =0)

Thanks, and thanks for hosting these events. They are very fun, and keep us challenged to do more.
barbara jean

Janet, said...

I love your pictures. I am looking forward to my birthday, our family reunion, and the WVWriters Conference.

Donna Lynn said...

I am looking forward to having your lemon cupcakes recipe...hint, hint, hint!!!!

What a beautiful post, your photos are just so inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Donna Lynn

GlorV1 said...

I remember those lemon cream cupcakes from last year. I tried making them and they came out okay but didn't look as delicious as yours. Happy Birthday Emily.
Have a great June Kelli. Take care.

Irene said...

Happy June to you, Kelli,
May you always brighten our days, showing us the beautiful things in life.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful post! I think I need to make some lemon cupcakes and strawberry lemonade!

cryssi said...

Beautiful Pictures....and I love June! It is such a wonderful month.


Carla said...

How lovely Kelli! The quotes and photos match perfectly. My birthday is in June, and so is my middle name. One of my favorite months:)

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. I will have to come back because of all the wonderful things you have on it.