Monday, February 27, 2006

Grace and Emily's Room

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We rearranged Grace and Emily's room this weekend. We put their bunk beds back up so they have so much more room now. We got some new baskets and storage chest at IKEA.

The spot in the corner is a cozy place to read. Fern likes to try and climb the netting.

Reading corner
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The dolls and stuffed animals have had a delicious breakfast.

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Phillip ordered the new part for the dishwasher and it should be here Friday. :0)


Reviekat said...

What an adorable room for your little girls!! Is there enough room for two in the reading corner?

Very nice furniture, too!

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Great job.

bunnyjo georg said...

Hi Kelli,

Interestingly, I have a Grace and Emily, too, but their room isn't nearly as nice. I just posted about it! Take a look at this:

It'll make your day!

Enjoyed your blog. Take care! And best of luck with your Grace and Emily!

Kelli said...

Hi bunnyjo,
I'm not going to pretend that my Grace and Emily's room has never been trashed before! You just caught us on a good day. :0) Daily pick-ups before bed are our secret around here. You and your girls did a great job cleaning up their room and I think it looks fantastic!


Patty said...

What a pretty shade of yellow for the walls. The girls have a perfect room !