Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My week so far

I pick Phillip up at the airport in a few hours. He has been in Portland, Oregon since Monday. He hardly ever travels for work but the last time he did all the kids got low-grade fevers and stomach aches. The same thing happened this time!!! Now I'm wondering if they get sick from stress that Daddy is out of town. They seem to be all better today.

After they went to bed, I cleaned out the garage. I've been meaning too for a few months now, we could barely park the van in there! Phillip's pick-up truck is now full and ready to go to the dump. I have a good-sized garage sale pile. I'm going to sort everything tonight. My goal is to make 50.00 to put towards livingroom curtains. I'm not having much luck with those. I found some Waverly fabric on ebay for a great price but my sewing machine can't handle fabric that heavy. I'm going to check out a few stores this weekend for some already sewn ones.

The kids are watching "Cinderella" and as soon as its over, we are on our way to Home Depot for some paint, brushes, and drop cloths. First on the list is Benjamin's room. I'm re-doing it for his birthday on Sunday. I'll take some before and after pictures.

I'm leaving you with this picture of Fern. I'm exhausted from the last 3 days. This is what I will be doing ASAP!!

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Hi Keeli,
Watch your mailbox. I putting something in the post to you.