Thursday, February 23, 2006

One my my favorite things

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My sister and I were yardsaling one morning about 2 years ago. I noticed some quilts laying on the the lawn so I stopped. The lady in charge told me that her husband's Aunt had made the quilts. Her name was Audrey (everyone called her Aud), she lived up in the Appalachian Mountains, in a cabin with no running water or electricity and liked to pass the time quilting. I got this queen sized one that I keep on my bed, and a yellow and white baby quilt - both for $30.00! They are both hand sewn and quilted.

One day, I took it into the quilt store and was told it contained some depression-era fabrics. The kids try and see how many different prints they can see...they each have a favorite one.

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Kurt N. said...

Amanda wants to sew a full-size quilt for her bed. After seeing the cost per yard of quality fabric, I told her she had better start planning on doing a scrap quilt.

Kelli said...

I understand about the quality fabric...I took two classes at my local quilt store but I want to encourage Amanda to look at other good options such as Jo-Ann's or Hancocks. Both stores have great clearance tables and sales. I have 3 simple baby quilts I want to make and am planning a trip to Hancock's. If I had been sewing quilts for years and making a family heirloom I could make the argument for the very high quality fabric but the quilts I make are going to be used and well loved so I go for the option that won't break the bank! LOL Next time you guys come over, Amanda and I will have to make a trip to Hancock's. :0)

Flora said...

What a story behind this very treasured quilt! If only each piece of it could talk and tell you where it came from (a worn out piece of clothing, a scrap from a friend etc...). I'm so glad you learned of the maker and where she was from! How exciting!