Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day
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The kids woke up to a Valentine from me, along with some candy. We had a nice day together. Emily made some sugar cookies with raspberry and strawberry jam. She picked the recipe out herself and I helped her follow the directions. I made pasta with a creamy mushroom, red pepper and parmesan sauce, along with a spinach salad. Emily said after dinner that it was the best Valentine's Day ever!!

Valentine's Dinner
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If you look closely, you can see Fern curled up in her tree sound asleep.


Undercover Angel said...

It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful valentines day. Mine was going great up until the point that my 11 year old started complaining about what I bought him.

Reviekat said...

You have such fun ways to make your children special! Isn't it great when they tell you the day is the best ever?

Emily's cookies sound delicious!