Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Making good use of your refrigerator

Blank fridge
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We all know how to use the inside of our refrigerators. :0) Here are some ideas of using the fronts as well. You can make it a daily organization center. Keep your to-do lists, chorecharts, etc. where you can easily see them.

First, clear off papers, magnets, pictures, etc. Give it a good scrubbing. I found lots of dirt on mine!

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Next, make some pockets to keep your papers in. I used 8x11 scrapbook paper. 12x12 would work even better because you don't have to cut your papers down to fit inside.

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Here, Grace is showing how to fold the paper. Don't fold it all the way to the top, leave about 1/2 inch space. This will make it easier to slip the papers into. Glue the edges. I use something like silly putty that I found in the office section of Walmart to stick things to the fridge. It doesn't leave any marks at all and doesn't fall down.

Now all that is left is filling up the pockets.

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Grace, Emily and Benjamin have their daily "get ready for the day" checklists, along with their chore charts. On the front of the pocket they have a sticker chart for "Going right to sleep at night and not getting up 10 times in a row!"

I glued my daily cleaning schedule to the front of mine. I also have a weightloss chart. I am starting out with a goal of 20 lbs. Everytime I lose a lb. I check off the box. I'm already down 2 lbs this week. :0)

I left lots of room at the bottom for various fun magnets that the kids play with and artwork that they draw for me.

I hope I have given you some ideas of how to use the front of your fridge!

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Anonymous said...

Good ideas. Your fridge looks nice and neat!

Kelli said...

Thanks Dot! Soon it will be filled with Madeline and Babar magnets. ;0)

Noor said...

I just love this idea. I always keep my fridge with nothing on it, I am weird like that. I love being organized though. I just love your blog, it has become a favorite of mine. I am from TN so this is all very me.