Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tea and Castles

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Yesterday, we got Dad and our house guest off to their seminar and set to work on some sewing. I'm in a bookmark exchange right now and tomorrow is the deadline to send them off. I'm working on a crosstitched one and of course I'm waiting until the last minute! Benjamin got out his castle blocks and added some jenga ones into the mix and built a very impressive castle! He much prefers this to sewing! ;0)

We have been listening to the new Pride and Prejudice CD and the music is soooo pretty. I decided to take a trip to Blockbuster and rent the movie. :~0 (As you can probably guess, my bookmark isn't finished yet..LOL)

It was lunch time by then, so I made some cucumber sandwiches, string cheese and crackers, blueberries, and lemonade. Everything was served on my recent yardsale silver finds.

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The movie was wonderful! The scenery was beautiful and Jane was actually pretty in this one! I still like the 5 hour A&E version better but this one is definitely worth watching.

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Mindy said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon for tea! I love the soundtrack for that movie..and I agree with you on the A&E version...I like it better than the new P&P. Have a wonderful day..blessings...