Friday, June 30, 2006

Shell Creatures

Sea creatures are notoriously shy, but the ones you're about to meet came out of their shells (so to speak) to tell you their story. My photographer tried his best to make this gang of beach bums smile. Some did ham it up; there are wise guys in every group!

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Mr. Mouse holds a degree in architecture. He designed his own house, built it out of inexpensive cardboard, then covered it in shells to remind him of his childhood home.

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Mr. Mouse's Seaside Bunglow. His small flower garden includes just one lonely blossom.

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This elegant giraffe was born in Florida, where many augers - the pointy shells that make up her neck and legs - wash ashore. "I love the beach, but I came to New York City to dance in the ballet. I have a talent for tiptoeing," she says.

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The koala finds the climate in the northern hemisphere too clammy for his taste.

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Tiny pink shells grace the ears of this fluffy poodle. She has just gotten back from the groomers. You do look lovely Madame poodle!

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Please remember to take your animals to the shore now and then. As the bird says with a sigh, "We get a little homesick sometimes!"


Patty said...

So cute Kelli, I loved looking at all the little creatures.
When my children were small we used to make Bible villages out of milk cartons and a salt/flour mixture and had fun finding people that would fit the scene. They would play for hours with these villages. Wish I had thought of sea shell critters and homes, they would have loved those so much.

Mindy said...


Kelli said...

Hi Flora, Yes, the kids and I made them. Since I ended up using the hot glue gun (the craft glue wasn't fast enough) they picked out the critter they wanted, then all the shells and passed them to me. I decided to make the house after they went to bed and they were so excited the next morning! What a sweet story that was about your shell turtle and the little lady!!

Kelli said...

Patty, your little villages sound so fun!! Children seem to like tiny furniture/people, etc. to play with. And adults too! ;0)

Thanks MIndy!

Amanda said...

Those are adorable! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Kelli, you have such cute ideas!

Tori Leslie said...

Hi kelli
The little critters are so cute, oh yea, hope you don't mind, you've been tagged! *Ü*