Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer Sales

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One good thing about summer is towards the end of it, alot of decorating things go on clearance. These butterfly and flower floating candles were on sale for .74 each.

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I know this tablecloth is meant for a rectangle table instead of a rounded one like mine, but it is so pretty! Plus it matches the candles. ;0) I also got 8 cream colored napkins for $1.24 each, but you can't see them until I figure out what kind of fall napkin rings to make for them!

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I had a gift certificate for IKEA and got these neat coffee mugs and sugar bowl. I also got 8 plain white mugs for .50 cents each. Anyone want to come over for coffee? :0)

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So, if you would like to stock up on some summer things for next year, now is the time to do it. The selection was still great and you gotta love the 50-75% off stickers!!


Susan P. said...

Okay Kelli, what time do you want me to come?? LOL I wish I really could becaue I think we would have a wonderful time chatting:) Great finds, I just love the tablecloth. Don't you just love great deals??!!

Mindy said...

i'll be over shortly!! I love those season end sales! The coffee mugs sound like a great find!!

Naturegirl said...

Kelli I am "THE" shopper! I love sales and particularly when we visit the states as their sales are ridiculous!! I recently bought a pr. of shoes at Summerset mall in Michigan regulary priced at $78 and with all the markdowns walked out paying $11 U.S. funds!! Ah yes I am a shoe lady as you've seen from my posts. :)
P.S. froggies well ask the fairies to do their magic..those little ones you read stories to..I did and it worked for me!!

Kelli said...

Thank you Susan! I know we would have a wonderful time visiting with each other. :0)

I'll be waiting Mindy. :0)

Naturegirl, the Canadian dollar is great for using in the states!! I hope you are right about that trick to attract real frogs to my pond. LOL


Sandra said...

What great deals Kelli! Oh, and I'll be over for coffee in the morning. :o)

Reviekat said...

Great finds, Kelli! I really like the tablecloth - it's very pretty and does go well with the candles. :)

Marci said...

Very nice Kelli. I really need some new napkins. We have been using snowman napkins, because I am low. =) Cream would never work in my house though. I look for blues and with a print. It seems like farm men are hard on table linens. That is OK though, I would rather have my guys then pretty things.

Patty said...

Oh I love what you found at Ikea. I have yet to go to that store, but sure want to.
I have a real love for scandinavian colors and patterns and that table cloth is just soooo pretty.

homespun living said...

I think we would all have great fun if we could join you!

Sadly, the nearest IKEA to me is 2-3 hours away...looks like a great sale.