Saturday, October 28, 2006

Apples, apples and more apples!

Somebody is getting apple butter for Christmas. :0)

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

I got these apples at the Farmer's Market for $15.00. I hope that's a good price!


Lena said... many wonderful posts!
I've enjoyed the visit to Storybook Ranch, thank you. I miss having young ones around to enjoy these kinds of things with.
I was just wondering what I should make for dinner tonight. I think it will be your baked ziti, it sounds simple and perfect for a rainy fall evening.
I love the magnet that Dawn made! I think she has such a gift for collage.
I would think that $15 is a good deal for all those beautiful apples...just look at them! Glorious!
Hope you have a nice day!

Naturegirl said...

Love app;es raw the best..I see a nice big red one just for me!:)

dot said...

How many pounds were there and I'll tell you if you got a good price. They are sure pretty ones!

theups said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your apple pictures!! Apples are beautiful anyway, but you photo is simply LOVELY!!!!!

I wish we lived closer- I'd invite myself over and we could make apple butter and then eat baked ziti. :)

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

Mrs Staggs, since posting the recipe, I've been craving it again. :0)

Naturegirl, you wouldn't believe how good these apples smell!

Dot, I have no idea on the lbs. but I counted and there are 60!

Thank you Mrs. U! I would love for you to come visit me. We would have such a fun time together!


dot said...

You probably paid around $1.00 per pound. I'm basing that on an apple I weighed. It weighted 4 ounces so you got about 15 lbs of apples. Is that a good price in your area? It's about what I pay in the grocery stores here.

Anonymous said...

Dot, as long as these work out to only, say, twice the grocery store price, they'll still be a bargain. :-)

The rich smell of these things is intoxicating. I came home very late from a wedding Saturday night and could smell the apples as soon as I walked in the door.

dot said...

Sounds like a good deal to me. Wal-Mart apples don't have good smells!

Heather Anne said...

Hi Kelli!
We have hit some wonderful apple bargains here lately - a bushel of 'falls' for $2 made a slew of apple sauce! They were hard to peel because of the bruising but there wasn't much waste so I was pleased. I just bought 2 more bushels for $6 each, but they are first quality winesaps - really firm for pies and canned apple pie fill. I posted an apple crisp recipe tonight - my family loves it! Enjoy these happy apple days!