Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Final Prairie Update

I've had a few days to think about our Pioneer Adventure and some of the old-fashioned things I would like to continue doing around our home.

We all enjoyed keeping a journal for the two days and the girls have continued writing in them.

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We have never been a family of loud, battery operated toys but I definitely need to go through the bedroom closets and weed out some of our toys. There are just too many of them. Tinkertoys, Lincoln logs, a variety of building blocks and legos are all classics that we have been fortunate enough to find at Goodwill or resale stores. Most of our legos are from Phillip's boyhood sets and his brothers have added to them over the years. Grace and Emily love to play with puzzles, paperdolls and of course their babydolls. Toys that don't involve their imagination will be disappearing over the next few weeks.

Emily enjoyed playing with her paperdolls during Pioneer Days.

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Here is a lego castle Aunt Melissa helped the boys build this week. They have spent many hours playing with it!

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The next discovery had to do with our diet. After the two days were over, I picked up the sugar canister and was shocked to discover only a few tablespoons had been used! We did use brown sugar, but hardly any. I wonder if some of the behavior problems we experienced for the two days were sugar withdrawl symptoms!! Snacks were another problem. Benjamin has been known to ask for a snack while eating his breakfast! I got very strict with them this week. If we have one, it's when I announce it. No more asking for one all morning and it has to be healthy.

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Our last change has to do with our microwave. We moved it out to the garage. Did I hear a gasp? ;0) The only time we use it is for heating up leftovers and softening butter. I didn't miss it at all those two days. Leftovers can be heated up in the oven very easily and with a bit of planning butter can be left out on the counter to soften.

Here is a "before" photo of the area the microwave used to be. The white flakes all over the floor are pieces of old shelf liner I had to scrape off.

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The next step was putting a coat of primer on.

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I painted it the same yellow as the kitchen walls, and set up my baking canisters inside. Now they are nice and easy to get to!

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I enjoyed sharing our adventure with you. Thank you for taking the time to read about it and all the wonderful comments!


Reviekat said...

Wow - that looks terrific Kelli!!! I wish we could remove ours but it is a built in vent so I have to live with it. I need a nice way to cover it over. :)

You're creativity is always so fun to see.

I like the cover of the journal, too.

Susan P. said...

Kelli, I almost feel like I've been on the big adventure with you! You have such a way of making us feel like we are right there with you, not only through the pictures but also through your words:)

theups said...

Y'all have had some kind of adventure!! WHAT FUN!! Thank you for taking us along with you!!

And as for the microwave... HAHAAHAHHAA!!! I've been dying to get rid of ours, too!! The only thing ours is used for is for melting butter and heating up leftovers, too!! LOL!! I told Mr. U that I can't wait until it dies- I'll have HUGE space in which to put MORE cookbooks!! :)

Mrs. U

dot said...

I'd love to get rid of the microwave too but I don't think the hubby would stand for it.

Pamela said...

What a lovely spice rack you have created! It is a pleasure to read your blog. Pioneer days sounded like it was fun for your family. :)

Thanks for your visit, hope you will stop by again. :)

Carole Burant said...

I think it's wonderful that you've already decided to make some changes due to your pioneer days...there's a lesson there for all of us to learn...we don't need all those modern conveniences!! Good for you for getting rid of the microwave..I don't know why I even have one either! Love what you did with the space where the microwave was:-)

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the 'journey'! The descriptions, insights, and photos have been wonderful...thanks so much for taking the time to share.
And I really like the new look sans the microwave...very nice and creative use of space!
Take care,

Morgan said...

I love your posts about pioneer days. We have gone without a microwave for just over a year now and I do not miss it at all. I do enjoy the extra counter space however! I thinK i may join you on the toy thing...

homespun living said...

Kelli, I just finished reading all your Pioneer Adventure posts, and I loved hearing about and seeing all that you did. The Little House on the Prairie series is just a favorite of mine! I also love what you did with the microwave oven/microwave setup is almost you have me thinking! Debbie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that your cannisters are right next to the counter with your mixer. How handy!! Good thinking, Kelli!

Marci said...

What a great idea with the Microwave cart. It looks darling.

I doubt anyone will even miss the toys that disappear.

Creative Life Studio said...

We got rid of our microwave about 2 1/2 years ago after the one DH had from college finally died. I haven't missed it one moment.

The girls miss it only when they want popcorn, because try as I might, they just don't seem to like regular popcorn. I don't buy the microwave kind for them, but last year they had some given to them at Halloween and I just sent them over to the neighbors to pop it! :)

I love what you did with your microwave space. Very pretty.

One thought with the treats. I instituted "treat days" round about the time we tossed out the old microwave. On those days, after lunch, the girls may have treats: cookies, ice cream, candy, or whatever (but only a reasonable amount: ie. maybe two cookies after lunch and then something else - maybe a piece of pie after dinner). I tried to make our days coincide with events where there might be treats - like dessert at Grandma's on Wednesday nights.

What a powerful couple of days you had!

Anonymous said...

That looks great!! I would like to remove ours. Hubby likes it for popcorn. I love what you all did with pioneer days. That is something I would like to do with my two girls.

Jen said...

I just read your posts about your wonderful adventure. I think that that is a great idea! I hope I can remeber to do something similar when I have kids about that age:)I think we all could learn something from the past!