Wednesday, March 28, 2007

~The Song of the Columbine~

Have you ever seen a Columbine flower? Let me share with you the yellow variety that is growing in my garden...

Who shall the fairy be
For the letter C?
There's candytuft, and cornflower blue,

Campanula and Crocus too,
Chrysanthemum so bold and fine,
And pretty dancing Columbine.

Yes, Columbine! The choice is she;

And with her, see,
An elfin piper, piping sweet,
A little tune for those light feet

That dance among the leaves and flowers
In someone's garden.
(Is it ours?)

And look at the petals...they make perfect little fairy shoes!

Thank you for letting me share one of my favorite flowers! Do you have a favorite flower?

Poem by Cicely Mary Barker.


Tina Leigh said...

Kelli you know what my fav. flower is, the daisy! You do love fairys dont you! Say, did you ever like mermaids growing up? I loved them!

Tina Leigh

Kelli said...

Tina, I was just reading an old issue of Martha Stewart where she talks about the different varieties of Daisies. Of course, I thought of you. :0)

Christie Belle said...

Oh, how pretty and I enjoyed the little poem too! These are such dainty little flowers. I never knew what they were called though! My favorites are daisies. I just love 'em.

Tracy said...

Very cute poem! I love the columbine. We have two colors here. One is very dark pink, almost red, really, with some white. The other is VERY dark purple, almost black. I'm not near as fond of it. Problem is, the one that I am not very fond of is spreading like wildfire. The one that I love isn't spreading at all!It will be awhile until they bloom, but I'll take pictures when they do.

theups said...

How lovely!!! I need to learn more about the columbine- such a pretty flower!!!

How can I pick just ONE favorite flower? Oh dear!! If I was absolutely forced to choose only one, I would have to say the daffodil BUT I dearly love all flowers (except begonias- don't know why but I don't like them at all). In my perfect dream world, I have a small home with a large porch surrounded by acres of flowers year 'round!!!! Oh wait... maybe Heaven will be like that!!! :)

Mrs. U

Momma Roar said...

We had purple columbine at our old house and I always thought it was so pretty, I've never seen yellow before. I think I'll be adding that to my list of what I'd like to plant this year. Our flower beds are still fairly new (our house is less than 2 years old) so each spring I pick a new section to work on. I liked the poem too!

Charree said...

Kelli! How fun, I have Columbine too. I had never seen them before I moved to Texas but I really like them. I have some pink ones and white ones.

CONNIE W said...

Kelli, I too like collumbine but I wasn't aware there are yellow ones. I think all I have seen are in the pink family. I do have a favorite flower, it's the Black Eyed Susan, but I really like them planted by yellow springleaf (I think they are called that, or something like it) coreopsis. I also like lilacs and blue hydrangeas. :)

Susan P. said...

Kelli, I just loved this post! The poem was so cute and I loved how you showed the pretty "slippers" at the end! You are so creative:) As for my favorite flower, it is the beautiful yellow daffodil!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this, Kelli. I don't think I have ever seen a columbine flower. My favorite flower is a tulip!

Anita said...

Oh, that's an aquilegia! I just learnt a new name: columbine. Your yellow one is very pretty indeed!

I love them too and I have several varieties in my garden (are you interested in some of my seeds, I'd love to share them with you!).

My favourite flowers are pansies and violets ... well, there is hardly any flower that I DON'T like!

Janice said...

What a sweet poem and beautiful photos! I enjoy Columbine too. I don't have yellow, but have some lavender and purple ones. Favorite flowers? Hmmmmmm, so hard to choose. I love pansies, violets, hydrangeas, roses and many many more!

Anonymous said...

So Pretty!!

Portrait of Peter said...

Your delightful photo's and words expressed so wonderfully brought one's imagination of the fairy, in particular the fairy shoes.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

Rebecca said...


Colimbine is such a beautiful flower. Last year I had mixed colors-with the inside being something different than the outside. I am thinking blue and pink but I don't REMEMBER. That is AWFUL! Anyway-Columbine and bleeding hearts have always been a bit faeryish to me too-I just LOVED the poem! Did you write it?

I planted some columbine last year-thinking this would be our final home. Alas...tis not to be, so again-no more planting into the dirt perennials and such. Not if I can't enjoy them later. Oh to finally have a HOME OF OUR OWN!

Ah-favrite flowers...hmmm. You know THAT is a hard one for me! All flowers hold dear spots in my heart (even weeds!) with the exception of carnations. I am not a carnation fan.

I would say my favorite flowers are scented. Lilac being my MOST favorite scent. Roses and Hyacinths second that. I also adore hydrangea-what they lack in scent they make up for in versatility and charm!

Karen said...

Kelli, I've never seen these before. I would have a hard time saying what my "favorite" is, I love just about all flowers.

Lisa said...

She's lovely! :o)

I like wild violets!

Carole Burant said...

The only time I've come across the Columbine flower is while walking in the's not a flower you see growing in gardens around here! Such a shame as they are such beautiful delicate flowers!! Love your thought that the petals make perfect faerie shoes:-) xox

dot said...

What pretty flowers! I"m not sure if I've seen them before. Cute poem also.

dot said...

Sorry Kelli! Sometimes I'm double trouble!

Kelli said...

LOL, Dot!

Julieann said...

Oh that was so cute!! Little fairy shoes:) I love so many flowers---but one of my very favorite is the Gardina:)


Jennifer in MS said...

So pretty!

I love flowers, but if I had to pick just one to love, I'd pick the rose. I can't help but sticking my nose in for a wiff!

Amy O'Quinn said...

Very pretty! I didn't know much about the thanks for lighting my candle! LOL
My favorite flower is definitely the gardenia! I had a gardenia bush right outside my bedroom window when I was growing up. When the gardenias were in bloom I'd keep my window open to enjoy the lovely fragrance.
I still enjoy picking a bouquet of gardenias when they are in bloom. The fragrance can be smelled all over the house! Mmmmm!
Have a great day!

Lori said...

Hello Kelli,
I loved all the pictures of your columbine flowers. They are very pretty.
I like pretty much all flowers too.
Some of my favorites are lily's, roses, and carnations.

Sharon said...

I love roses! But, then again I love any flower. I even love the wild violets that grow everywhere on our property.

Thank you for showing the beautiful, yellow, columbine.

Susie said...

Hi Kelli,
We don't have Columbines here that I know of. We do have campanula and I love those..

copperswife said...

I don't know that I've ever seen columbine before. Thanks for sharing the lovely little poem as well. I love all sorts of flowers, it would be hard to choose a favorite. Inside I love my African Violets, outside roses, hydrangeas, begonias and azaleas are all top choices.

Anonymous said... favorite flowers are lilacs, violets and roses (sigh)..I can't wait until they are in bloom here in Ohio.


Just Mom said...

Beautiful poem.

My favorite flowers are the ones that were in my wedding bouquet: casablanca lilies, stargazer lilies and roses. I also love orchids, irises, jasmine and gardenias. OK, I love all flowers. :-)

Heather Anne said...

Hi Kelli
I had to run to Lowes for a bolt the other day and somehow got 'mixed up' and ended up in the garden section - there are very few plants out yet but I was eyeing some two tone pink and hot pink columbine plants that looked really healthy ... would they do alright in part shade, I wonder? I also saw a small pond liner on clearance that might work for a 'fairy beck' if I can find a bunch of rocks and talk my husband into doing the work!

Creative Life Studio said...

Oh, I miss Columbine! We had it in MN. What zone are you in; I wonder if I could grow it here in FL. It probably has to have a freeze, though. Do you know?

I love your comment about them looking like fairy shoes. I'd never thought of that before, but, yes, they really do!

homespun living said...

So pretty and delicate. That is a flower I don't have...I'll have to keep an eye out for it.


Trella said...

Very cute poem, and such a sweet flower.

Candy said...

My fav flower is a white rose or a pale pink rose.

Jenn4Him said...

Hi Kelli,
Humm. It's hard to pick just one, but I think it would have to be the lily because I've not been able to kill one yet. I don't have a green thumb. Something I just live with, like my lack of musical talents. Thank you for this little poem and the lovely flowers. I can see why they are your favorite.

Kelli said...

Anita, I would love some of your seeds, thank you!!!

Heather, my columbine gets very little sun during the day (less than 2 hours)and is growing like a weed! Your fairy beck sounds wonderful...I hope you will share a picture. :0)

Mrs. Pivec, we are in zone 7. We had quite a few nights that got into the 20's this winter and it stayed nice and green. Last year was a warm winter and it did the same thing, so I would try it out in your zone!

Kimberly said...

The columbine is our state flower here in Colorado. Most of our wild varieties are blue and white. They are so lovely.
How does one pick a favorite flower? Early in the day I love morning glories, midmorning I want pansies and johnny-jump-ups, sunflowers in the afternoon, lilacs in the evening breeze, roses as the sun sets, moonflowers at night...
My favorite flower is probably whatever one I'm closest to at the time!
PS-Did you want any morning glory seeds?

Amanda said...

I'm sorry I'm late. Having some computer problems. It's Kurt's fault. :-D

My favourite flower is lilac. I just love lilacs. I also love violets and indian paintbrush.

Patty said...

I love hollyhocks ! So old fashioned, so big and bold but sweet at the same time.

Naturegirl said...

I love the columbine and yours are lovely in yellow one of my fav. colors in my garden! Yes the pedals are ~fairy shoes~ what a great eye!
hugs NG
Oh I forgot my favorite of course the