Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another Snow Day!

3:30pm Update:

It's really snowing now!

The snowflakes are the size of cotton balls and snowman are being built as I type this.

I love the look of my water garden when it snows.

We've got pretty white blossoms at the top of our tree.

And cold icy snow at the bottom! We are having some really crazy weather here in Texas, and it's supposed to continue into tomorrow.

I made a quick pot of noodle soup for lunch. Chicken broth, frozen veggies, heart shaped pasta (leftover from Valentine's day) and seasonings.

I also made another batch of Cheesy Corn Muffins.

Grace's haircut plans will have to change, since I don't like driving in this weather. I'm also thinking about changing my plans of cleaning the kitchen cupboards and mopping the floor. :0)

I'll be back soon for Show and Tell Friday!


TJ said...

I was just laughing with a friend from Texas about how snow often shuts her whole town down. Around here we only stop for ice, but we're used to it!

Too bad I missed lunch at your house, looks great!

Anonymous said...


That meal looks delicious! It won't be long until spring! :)


Anonymous said...

Kelli, your soup and muffins look so good.

Hope you and your family enjoy the "Snow Day." Keep warm.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

WOW! We're in Arlington (TX) and we are having rain and some ice pellets, but nothing white! We did get some the other evening, but not much. We have a "faux" fireplace, but this weather makes me wish I had a real one! HMMM... I wonder what I can conjure up in my kitchen... =)

Enjoy and stay warm,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I think you got more snow in Texas this winter than we did in NYC this year! I'm not complaining

Your chicken soup looks good ...mmmmm..I can almost smell it, and the muffins too!

Hugs, Pat

nancy said...

You had enough snow for snowmen? Hooray! Soup and muffins look great.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Kelli, one day it is over 100deg's and then the next I am looking for a jumper! I think seeing as today is one of those jumper's day I think your lovely quick soup is in order for lunch thanks so much.


Charity said...

Well, we are just getting (cold) rain, right now, but it's headed this direction! Maybe this is the last winter storm?? I had my house all opened up yesterday! Crazy Texas weather!

GranthamLynn said...

Yes. The lunch looked great. I took some photo's but I am still having that camera problem so won't be able to post till tomorrow if I get out. I am further north from you we got dumped on in DFW at least for us it was alot! I was able to get out and do my running around before it got too bad. I'll see you tomorrow for show and tell.

oliver rain said...

I think I'd rather have lunch at your house. Keep warm!

Linda said...

Love your snow pictures. Soup and muffins sounds and looks so good.Yum. Linda

Nora Lee said...

What a yummy dish for a cold day! I love snow, we just don't get enough of it here.

Anonymous said...

It looks so Christmas-y at your house! Enjoy!
~Kelly in MN

Mary said...


Nice photos and I also like the snow around your pond... and that chicken soup looks delicious. Hubby made me some last week when I was down with that flu bug. It wasn't half bad.


nannykim said...

Good grief....SNOW?? Y'all need to GET SPRING--come on down here, Y'all!

Missy said...

the snow is so beautiful! i grew up in Ohio, moved to Colorado, and spent eight years in Illinois. the snow if very peaceful :)

enjoy your weekend!

Jen said...

We are awaiting the weather here of snow too. I made a huge Lasagna last night so we can have tonight too. Your soup looks wonderful. Enjoy that all dont get it often enough.