Friday, March 07, 2008

Show and Tell Friday Guidelines~*Updated!*

Show & Tell Friday Guidelines

What:For Show & Tell Friday, you show something to an audience, and then tell them about it. Your Show & Tell Friday item must be something that you own, and in your home or garden. Put thought and care into choosing your item. Is it something you would take to show a group of friends in real life?

Why: Many of us have special things that we may have forgotten about over time. Show & Tell Friday is a great reason to look around your home or even dig through those boxes in your closet. Of course, it's always more fun to share our treasures with friends, and that is what Show & Tell Friday is all about!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
-Family heirlooms
-A special collection
-A piece of jewelry
-A new (or old!) gift
-A project or craft you are working on
-Decorative items

What doesn't work well:
-Posts with no photos: They have no "Show." Please don't use them.
-Recipes or pictures of food
-Photos of events (trips, vacations, celebrations, etc.)
-Photos of things you are selling, planning to sell or that anyone else is selling.
-Giveaway posts: The idea is to share something from your life, not something you are no longer keeping.
-Photos found on the internet, graphics or screenshots: Please use only photos you take yourself.

Where: There Is No Place Like Home is the original home of Show & Tell Friday.

1. Do not host your own Show & Tell "Mr. Linky" on your blog. Readers use the list here at There Is No Place Like Home to visit each blog that participates.
2. If you are participating in other themed blog carnivals or memes, do not sign Mr. Linky. Use a separate post to participate here.

When: Show & Tell Friday takes place each Friday. I usually post Mr. Linky at 12:00am EST.

How: It's easy as 1-2-3:

1. Publish your Show & Tell Friday post on your blog.

~Offer a link back to the main page of my blog. This is a courtesy to me, as well as your readers--they will know where to join in the fun, too.

~You are welcome to use the Show & Tell Friday picture. For the linking code go HERE.
2. Copy the "permalink" from from your Show & Tell Friday post, not the link to the front page of your blog.
~People will be looking through these links all week long. It you link to your main page, it will be harder to find your Show & Tell Friday post. For instructions on how to do this, go HERE.
3. Add your permalink to Mr. Linky.
~Do not sign Mr. Linky until you have your Show & Tell Friday post published on your blog. This is only fair to the other participants.
Inappropriate links will be removed at my discretion.