Thursday, December 04, 2008

Homemade Cards ~ Paper Crafting Thursday

The winners of last week's paper crafting are Nancy and Wanita. Please email me your addresses and I'll get your prizes in the mail!

This is such a fun card to put together. It's not as complicated as it looks; basically you need three very similar prints.

A new baby version.

You will need a 5" x 5" notecard.

Cut a 4 3/4" square of scrapbook paper and glue to front of card.

Cut two 3" squares of cardstock. Set aside.

Cut a 3" square from patterned paper and a 3" square from cardstock. Add stamp or sticker to cardstock.

Gently tear edges.

Glue to front of 3" squares of cardstock.

Cut a 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" strip from scrapbook paper.

Glue to bottom of card, as shown.

Glue 3" squares to front of card, as shown.

Tie a bow around card.

Send to a friend!

~More Homemade Cards~

Here are a few Christmas tags I recently made...
Christmas tags

Christmas tags

Christmas tags
Items can be found in my Etsy Shop!

Paper Craft Fun: Post any kind of paper craft (card, bookmark, tag, banner, journal, etc.) on your blog between now and next week and come sign Mr. Linky. Next Thursday, I will draw two of the names and the winners will receive supplies for a homemade card: blank notecard, envelope, and an assortment of scrapbook paper, stickers (or stamped images), and ribbon. Link back here in your post, so that others will know where to join in the fun, too!

Thank you for stopping by!

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Jodi said...

Your items are so beautiful!

Lara said...

Everything looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

oh Kelli - youve hit my achilles heel... the scottie dogs are sooo cute!! I love them!

Lois Christensen said...

I love the black and white look! It's very different from the usual red for Christmas. Nice job!

Bev said...

Everything is adorable! Such great ideas.

Thanks for sharing.

Love Bears All Things said...

I always enjoy seeing what you've made.
Mama Bear

Heather said...

they look so good! you are so talented kelli!

Trixi said...

You truly have to be one of the most creative people, ever. One day I am going to have time for this. I love them!!

nancy said...

Kelli, These are soooo nice. I especially like the black and cream paper.

Lady Katherine said...

Your cards are always lovely! I love the blue Santa!

Shelley said...

I love the Santa card. Stunning design!

Susan P. said...

I loved the baby card ~ I'll have to get busy making one for baby Ben's arrival!

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful. You are very talented and you have a beautiful blog.

Katie said...

Those Scottie dogs are beyond precious! I love that!!

The Ruminating Rocker said...

Beautiful - love the blue one!

moreofhim said...

Oh, everything is so gorgeous!! You SO inspire me to get into my craft area and actually craft!

I did make the Thanksgiving tree you showed awhile back and it's so neat. I'm still cleaning and purging, but hopefully, can sneak away today and do some fun stuff!

God bless you ~ Julie

Kathy said...

Your cards and tags are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Pink Slippers said...

I LOVE the baby girl one. Too cute!
(Mommy to six and #7 in the oven)

Hannah said...

Your tags are so cute!

TJ said...

I love the Santa card! The colors look just perfect for winter. Makes me think of snow.

Susan said...

Kelli, I just love your tags! I go every day to your shop and look at what you have new there. You're such an inspiration to me to keep my paper crafts simple and elegant.

I also love your card today. I'm going to have to try that one. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Very cleaver and beautiful. Thanks for the "lessons" and I'll probably try to make some but I'm sure yours will look SO MUCH BETTER!

Carrie said...

Your crafts are so beautifully done.
Thank you for visiting my nativity blog. I just wanted to let you know that i just posted about the second holiday giveaway. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I love your cards, especially the little Scotties. That is the breed of dog I would like next. Right now we have a yellow lab.
Miriam :)

Anonymous said...

You have such great ideas for cards. I've discovered the hobby in the last year, it's great fun.I've joined in today.

Simply Heart And Home said...


Everything is so cute! I'm hoping to do my cards next week.

How is Daisy?

Anonymous said...

We've been making lots of your Christmas Ornament cards with the ribbon bows. They're so cute! As always, thanks for the inspiration.

Blessed With 4 said...

Oh so pretty!! Nice job.

Sondra said...

Those cards are so awesome. I really love the vintage look of the baby one.

GlorV1 said...

Kelli, I love your cards, they are awesome. Ah to be as creative as you. Take care. Thx for sharing.

Cris said...

The tags are wonderful, the red ones are my favorite.

Jackie said...

Kelli, you are definitely tempting me to try my hand at some paper crafts. You make everything look so easy.

God bless.

Vera said...

The cards are so pretty, wish I was energetic enough to make some.

BECKY said...

Kelli, all of your stuff is so cute. I like the baby card so much!!
Blessings, Becky

Ms. Tee said...

That Santa card is so pretty, and the doggie cars are just too cute. :)

Clare said...

Wonderful cards again. Thanks for sharing.

Homeschool Diva said...

These are beautiful cards!!

I also scrolled through the rest of your main page entries, and you are extremely talented!