Friday, April 21, 2006

Benjamin lost his first tooth!!

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I have one very clever boy. A few nighs ago Benjamin had to go to bed early for trying to lock the cat up in his dresser drawer (that wasn't the clever part..hehee) His bottom tooth has been loose for several months and the new tooth was already halfway up. He said it hurt to wiggle it and it would have to stay in forever. He really doesn't like going to bed early and came up with a way to get back up. He pulled his tooth out!!! We were all excited and got the tooth fairy candle out. Can you see his tooth in her little hand? Speaking of the tooth fairy...she had to make an unexpected trip to Target for a new lego set. We have a very nice toothfairy. She leaves a present for the very first tooth. ;0)

The next day, Benjamin pulled out his other loose tooth. Some things are just worth the pain. LOL

Fairy Candle
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Originally uploaded by pwinn.

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Jenna Schrock said...

Wow! 5 years and this post is still alive? I guess the internet won't allow you to forget a wonderful event, even if Father Time catches up wih you. And that's one rich tooth fairy! But I guess that's fine in events like these, right?