Sunday, April 30, 2006

Some people love shoes....

I love organizers. I heard about this "Apprentice" organizer on the internet late last night and I was at the store getting it this afternoon. We met some friends for lunch today and what do you know...there was a Staples store nearby. ;0)

Our school papers and books were spread all over the place. Some in the livingroom, the bookshelves, files, and drawers. Now they are all in one place!! It turns completely around and holds pens, pencils, twistables (fancy crayons) and scissors. The handles on the sides will allow me to move it from one room to the other, depending on where we want to work.

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

Originally uploaded by pwinn.

Here are some more pictures of our schoolroom. Most of the things in the first picture have been either moved or put into the new organizer.

School table
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Melzie said...

it looks AWESOME i am extremely organizationally challenged :( have a great monday, xoxo melzie

Patty said...

Looks so nice and tidy ! I used my kitchen table for school work and there was a bookcase next to the table. And almost always some stray paper someplace in the kitchen !
But I would not trade a moment of my 17 years of homeschooling : )

Flora said...

Hi Kelli,
I really like your classroom and the orgazinzer looks very helpful! I need about a dozen of them! lol