Friday, April 21, 2006

Our New Bathroom

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It was well worth the wait for our new tile. I love it!! I took down the yellow wallpaper, painted everything white and got new lavender accessories. We have a few minor things still planned. Phillip is going to replace the faucet and I'm going to get a lavendar wreath for right above the hand towel rack and 2 small pictures for either side of the bath towel rack. I'm still getting used to having the toliet paper holder actually attached to the wall. It fell down 4 years ago and I didn't want to put it back up until I had painted. I should have known it would take me this long to get it painted. :0)

Towel rack
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Sink area
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Anonymous said...

Your new bathroom looks so stylish and inviting - bet it's a pleasure to go in there now :-)

Tina Leigh said...

Hey Kelli It really turned out great! I love the tile! You need one of those book holders to go across the tub. Then I will call for my reservation at the Lavender Spa!!

Kelli said...

Tina, you are so right about one of those book holders, that would be perfect!!! If I find one I'll hold you to your promise to come visit me! :0)