Thursday, June 29, 2006

4th of July Table

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I was so inspired by Mrs. Wilt's festive 4th of July table I decided to use some of her ideas. :0) I already had the blue tablecloth and white napkins. I purchased the red and white fabric, blue ribbon and seashells yesterday at Hobby Lobby. All for under $7.00.

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Grace designed her own napkin ring and helped me with the others.

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The candes were also a great idea of Mrs. Wilt's. All the little girls at Emily's birthday party made one. No heating was required, put a wick it the bottom of a jar, pour in the little candle beads and tie a ribbon around the jar. They were a big hit!

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Since Autumn is my favorite season, I've always been in a big hurry for summer to be over with. Learning about all these fun summer decorating ideas has helped me enjoy it so much more!


Mindy said...

Very cute!!! Now you've insprired me to do something!!!! Dollar store here I come!!! LOL Have a great day in the Lord Kelli! Blessings......

Tori Leslie said...

I like it Kelli, looks really nice. Oh no, I don't have a blue cloth or red one, will a candy cane one do?? Ü

I love the shells too.

Magistra Mommy said...

Everything looks wonderful! You did a great job. :o)

Doesn't it just lift your spirit when you have something lovely on your table? I'm so glad that you found such great deals. I'm glad the girls enjoyed the craft, too- so easy, and no burned fingers! :o)

Have a blessed 4th!

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Kelli said...

Clarice, Grace and I had lots of fun making them together.

Mindy, I hope you found some cute things at the dollar store!

Tori, at least the tablecloth has two of the right colors. ;0)

Mrs. Wilt, thanks again for the wonderful ideas!

Patty said...

It all looks so beautiful Kelli !