Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fern is home

Originally uploaded by pwinn.
She is resting quietly on my bed. She needs to stay in the same room for at least two days so we moved her litter and food in there too. They of course shaved her belly and also part of her leg. I think that is where they put in the I.V.
She was definitely glad to see us and wanted out of the pet carrier right away! I'm sure in time she will forgive us. :0) She has already given Grace several kisses on the hand.


Anonymous said...

Poor Fern! Our lab, Dixie, was at the vet for surgery yesterday, too. She had to have a foxtail probe in her paw and she's still sleeping off the anesthesia! I hope Fern feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad Fern made it back home. She'll be as perky as ever in a day or two.

Magistra Mommy said...

Welcome home, Fern! I remember when we had our Shelby spayed. Oh, we loved on her something fierce when she came home. She enjoyed her convalescence quite a bit! :o)

Kelli said...

Fern is doing much better today. As Grace put it this morning, "She doens't look sad anymore."
She has been very affectionate today and is liking all the extra "lovies." As if she didn't get extra ones already..hehehe.
Thank you for all the well wishes!